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11 Types of Collars Used in Garments Industry

11 Types of Collars Used in Garments Industry

Different types of collars have been around for centuries and are a part of everyday style and couture. In this post, we have covered a total of 11 types of collars used in the garments industry.

But do you know, what a certain collar is called? Or why a collar was even invented? 

Top 11 Types of Collars Used in the Garments Industry

The collar was first used as detachable pieces that were added to shirts as a form of accessory. The rich wore collars fabric and the not-so-rich wore collars made out of paper.

The main point of a collar was for it to be a form of protection from harsh/stiff fabrics that outer garments such as coats, jackets, and waistcoats were made of.

In the 16th century, collars became a form of accessory that was made of jewelry or very rich fabrics that were embroidered or richly decorated with jewels.

We can see this coming back to fashion with detachable collars which are decorated with different types of beads or metal pieces.


Types of Collars



The spread collar is a basic collar type in the shirt. With its crisp pointed ends, and the nice spread between the collar points, the spread collar gives a great formal look.

Because the collar tips are spaced wide apart, this collar gives you the freedom to wear any type of knot in your necktie, or, if you prefer, you can even not wear a tie.

This makes the spread collar the most fuss-free and free type of collar.

 Types of Collars

  1. Abbreviated Spread Collar

Some people call the abbreviated spread collar as the smarter, sportier and smaller variant of the normal spread type of collar.

This is a very versatile type of collar. It can be worn with or without a necktie.

It looks best without a tie, with the top button left open, together with a sweater or a casual coat.

Wide-spread collar shirts are difficult to find online rather we suggest you tailor them.

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  1. Straight point/standard collar

The straight point collar is similar to the spread collar except that the spread between the collar leaves is smaller which makes these collars give a more elegant and polished look.

If you prefer slimmer neckties with smaller knots, then this is the perfect type of collar for you.


  1. Button-Down Collar

Simply put, the button-down collar has buttons to fasten the tips of collars to the shirt. The benefit is that the collar points always remain in the right place and in the right shape giving you perfect looks all the time.

The buttons also add a dash of casual looks, which makes this collar a little less formal as compared to the spread collar or the straight point collar.

Therefore, this is perfect for those people who prefer little casual dressing while wanting to balance it with formal looks.


Types of Collars Used in the Garments Industry


  1. Club Collar/Golf Collar

The club collar has an interesting history. It was started by an English boarding school as part of the school uniform to help their students look different and unique.

The rounded points of this collar definitely live up to this expectation to date.

It is perfect for those who want to subtly stand apart from the crowd and make their own unique style statement.

  1. Cutaway Collar

The cutaway collar is one of the boldest types of collar. The specialty of this type of collar is that its crisp sharp pointed collar points are spaced very wide apart, which makes the collar literally looks horizontal.

It is perfect for those people who want to look bold, original, and stylish. But, please be aware that this collar looks awful without a necktie.

But, the spread gives you the freedom to experiment with different knots.


  1. Tab Collar

The tab collar has a button, or a tab, at the center to bring the collar leaves together which gives this collar a classy and vintage look and feel.

This collar should be worn only with a necktie because the tie will hide the tab.

Also, the tab will prop up the knot of your necktie, adding to the modern vintage classy look.

  1. Pin Collar

The pin collar is similar to the tab collar except that it is bolder. It has two tiny holes in the collar leaves for using your favorite ornamental collar pin.

Put on a bold tie and you are sure to get the attention that you deserve. Just like the tab collar, they never wear a pin collar without a necktie.

  1. The wingtip collar

The wingtip collar is the most formal type of collar. It gets its name from the folded out collar points that look like the tips of a pair of wings.

This collar is designed specifically to be worn with a Tuxedo and a bowtie.


  1. Band/Mandarin collar

The band type of collar is the most casual type of collar. The unique aspect of the band collar is that it does not have collar leaves.

This is just the thing for those people who want casual, airy looks, those who think that less can be more or those who are unafraid to experiment.

If you are wearing a tuxedo then pair your band collar shirt with a bowtie.


  1. The Cuban Collar

The Cuban collar is again one of the casual types of collar. The signature of this collar is a notch-like design.

It is wide and open which gives this collar a relaxed and vacation type of look and feel.

This collar is perfect for people who prefer casual clothing or for occasions such as vacations. Just leave the top button open for more laid-back and sporty looks.



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