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Buckram Fabric Properties and Uses

Buckram Fabric Properties and Uses

What is Buckram Fabric?

Buckram fabric is a rough, heavy, and open plain weave fabric from cotton or hemp. The fabric is soaked in a sizing agent such as wheat starch paste, or glue (such as PVA glue) and then dried. Buckram fabric is mainly used to give a garment shape and structure.

Note: this cost-effective yet long-lasting cloth is also called Crinoline and Bookbinding cloth.

Buckram possesses unique and distinct characteristics. These set it apart from other materials, and it has specific purposes due to these remarkable qualities.


Properties and Characteristics

Strength and Durability When coated with a sizing agent, it has enhanced rigidity, durability, and strength. So it is a good investment because it can survive rough use and last for many years.

Keeps Its Shape – Buckram fabric is also a preferred interlining and stiffening material because of its ability to hold and keep its shape.

That is why it is used in hats and accessories that need a more structured form.

Water-Resistant – The fabric also has water-resistant properties due to its coating, which prevents liquids from seeping through the material.

Insect and Mold Repellant  No mold or insect attack can harm or damage the fabric because of the gap-filling paste in which the material was soaked.

End Uses of Buckram Fabric


Although it has limited uses due to its stiffness and unique characteristics, Buckram serves its purpose well since no other fabric is like it.

Clothes Interfacing – Buckram is mostly material for clothes interfacing. The cloth is inserted between two layers of fabric, as seen in the neckline, cuff, and shirt collar. It makes an area of a garment more rigid and adds body to the material.

Draperies and Curtains – One important use of Buckram is in draperies and curtain fabrics. It adds strength and support when creating curtains to stabilize the fabric to slide across the curtain rods without crease or drag. It is also used as a strong material for pleating to add a more decorative context to curtains. Plus, it also functions as an insulator by effectively blocking the airflow from windows.

Bookbinding – As mentioned, Buckram is an attractive and practical material for bookbinding. It is a popular binding material because it is a durable fabric with different shades and hues.

Burlesque Clothing  The beauty and charm of burlesque clothing are achieved with the use of buckram fabric. Through the unique and distinctive features of the material, burlesque fashion becomes more dramatic and sensual.


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