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Category: Fashion

What is a Pocket Square ?-Leartex

What is a Pocket Square ? 

What is a Pocket Square? A pocket square is a small rectangle of cloth that fits snugly in the breast pocket of your jacket; providing a stylish hint of fabric peeking out to increase visual appeal. The French noblewomen, in fact, used to perfume it…

What is a Tuxedo Shirt ? The Tuxedo Shirt Style

What is a Tuxedo Shirt ? 

 A tuxedo shirt is quite simply a more elegant style of dress shirt; that is meant to be worn with your most formal attire. Tuxedo shirts are designed to look streamlined with your tuxedo; thus have a few functional differences compared to a traditional dress shirt….

Top 10 Interesting Hair Color Facts 

Hair Color Interesting Facts 1.Just 2% of world’s population are blond. 2. Black hair is the most common color of them all. 3. What’s the rarest hair color? It’s red! Only around of 1% of the world’s population has it. 4. Scottish people should be…

Amazing Fashion Facts

Top 8 Amazing Fashion Facts ! 

Think you know all about fashion? Think again as I rock your mind with 15 amazing facts about fashion that you didn’t know about! Amazing Fashion Facts 1. Napoleon wasn’t just about war. He contributed to fashion in many ways too. The reason we have…

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