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Sampling Process Sequence in Garment Industry

Sampling Process Sequence in Garment Industry

In this blog post, we have briefly described the Sampling Process Sequence in Garment Industry along with the flowchart. But before moving to core knowledge we must have a clear idea of Sample and sampling.

Sample:  A few items or goods taken from a  large number of similar goods are called samples.

Sampling:  Sampling is the most technical feature of the merchandiser’s job. This involves developing new products or taking some existing products to the new customer to meet the customer’s demands.

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Flowchart of Sampling Process Sequence:


Getting buyer query 

Sample Preparation

Evaluating results

Sample packing and dispatch

Seeking buyer’s comments

Sampling Process Sequence in Garments

Getting buyer requirements:

On reception of the request from the buyer, the merchandiser evaluates the result. 

Clarify the sample specifications with the RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT people.

Checks the possibility:

If it’s not possible, inform the buyer immediately.

If possible the competition and dispatch date are to be confirmed to the buyer ASAP after calculating the necessary time needed in the procedure.


Sample Preparation:

After doing the necessary calculations, the merchandiser first checks whether such samples are in stock or not.

–In case of sample is already present in finished stocks in the right quantity  and  quality,  then  he  can  inform  the  buyer  about  the dispatch date in this regard

–In case, Merchandiser does not have any sample available, he will forward the sample request (sample booking) to the relevant department.


Evaluating results:

merchandiser gets the results from the Quality Control lab and compares them with the standards specified by the buyers. 

If the sample results are consistent with the desired results, then it can be sent to the buyer.

Sampling Process Sequence 

Sample packing and dispatch:

the sample is properly packed for its safe arrival at the destination. 

For the sample dispatch, the merchandiser sends the sample via courier and puts complete detail along- with the sample for buyer reference.


Seeking buyer’s comments: 

Once the sample reaches the buyer, the merchandiser gets the comments from the buyer and keeps records of it.

–If the sample is approved, then he goes for bulk production or the next processes.

–If rejected, requires rework according to buyer comments.



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