Lab Report

GSM Cutter Lab Report

GSM Cutter Lab Report

GSM Cutter Lab Report

Experiment Name: Determination of Woven and Knit fabric by using GSM Cutter and  Electric Balance


What is GSM Cutter?

The GSM Cutter is a textile testing instrument that is used for measuring fabric GSM (gram per square meter) with the aid of a weighing scale and GSM pad. The GSM cutter is a circular fabric sample cutter.

With this instrument, a uniform circular fabric is cut without measuring. The area of the fabric specimen cut by the GSM cutter is 100 square centimeters area which is exactly 1 / 100th of a square meter. The instrument is equipped with a set of four replaceable blades and normal cutting pads.

To measure the fabric gsm accurately it is useful. Fabric gsm is one of the important fabric qualities, based on which fabric costing and fabric quality, are determined. A GSM cutter can be used for cutting fabric specimens for any type of fabric for checking the fabric weight.


1. To know about the knit fabric weight.

2. To identify the heavy or light fabric by GSM cutter.

Ambient Condition:

ASTM D 1776

Temp: 25+/-2 deg Celcius



GSM Cutter (Paramount Brand, Dia=11.28 cm)

Electronic Balance cutting pad Sample

Specification of G.S.M cutter

Machine name: G.S.M cutter

Brand name: Paramount

Company name: Paramount Group

Origin: India

Test material: Fabric

Function: GSM is taken out by cutting the fabric


GSM Cutter Lab Report

Working Principle:


1. At first we have to take two types of fabric, one is woven fabric and the other is a knit fabric.

2. Then we have to put the sample on the cutting plate and cut it on it precisely.

3. In this way we cut the 5 different samples of woven fabric and 5 different samples of knit fabrics.

4. Then we measured the weight of the fabric cut through the electric balance meter.

5. In this way we measured 5 different samples of woven and knit fabrics.

6. Then we will average all and multiplied with 100; Formulae used: GSM=( Fabric Weight*100)

Observation Data: 

GSM of Woven fabric=( Fabric Weight*100)



GSM of Knit fabric  = ( Fabric Weight*100)



Results & Discussion:

GSM of Woven fabric=73.8g

GSM of Knit fabric=113.1g


1. Sample fabric should not have Cris mark

2. The sample should be cut leaving a gap of 15 cm from the edge of the sample


From this experiment, we learned how to measure fabric GSM. I firmly believe this knowledge will help us in our professional lives.


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