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Desizing of Cotton Fabric

Experiment Name: Study on desizing of Cotton fabric. 


De-sizing is the process of removing the size material from the warp yarns in woven fabrics. Sizing agents are selected on the basis of type of fabric, environmental friendliness, ease of removal, cost considerations, effluent treatment, etc.

Desizing of Cotton Fabric


  1. To remove size materials.
  2. To avoid uneven dyeing, printing, and finishing.
  3. To make the fabric suitable for the subsequent processes.



1. Pipette

2. Scissor

3. Electric balance

4. Steel pot          

Desizing of Cotton Fabric


Enzyme=5% (1% stock solution)

Wetting agent=lg/1 (5% stock solution)

Sequestering agent=1 g/l (5% stock solution)

Common salt=5 g/1 (5% stock solution)

Acetic acid=0.5g/1 (5% stock solution)



Temperature= 60-70 °C 

Time= 30-45 min 

pH =6-7 






Say, Sample weight: 6.90 gm

Total liquid = (6.90 *15) ml =103.5 ml

Enzyme=(6.9*5%)/1% =34.5 ml

Wetting agent = (1∗103.5) / (1000∗5/100) =2.07 ml

Sequestering Agent=  2.07 ml                    

  Common salt =  (5∗103.5) / (1000∗5/100)  =10.35 ml

Acetic acid= 1.035 ml

Total chemicals needed  = (34.5+2.07+2.07+10.35+1.035)

=50.025 ml

The required amount of water needed  = (103.5- 50.025)ml

=53.475 ml

Process Curve

Working Procedure: 

  1. Set the bath with substrate at room temperature and add wetting agent, lubricant, acetic acid
  2. Add appropriate amount of enzyme.
  3. Add appropriate amount of common salt to provide enzyme solution stability to temperature.
  4. Check ph value of bath.
  5. Raise the temperature to 60-70 °C.
  6. Run the bath for 30-45 minutes at that temperature.
  7. Cool down and drop.
  8. Rinse twice at 60°C for 3 minutes and normal temperature for 3 minutes.



This experiment helps the students to get a clear idea about de-sizing process and it will helpful for future professional life.


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