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Stock Solution Preparation & Calculation of Chemicals

Stock Solution Preparation & Calculation of Chemicals

Experiment Name: Study on Stock Solution Preparation & Calculation of Amount of Chemical & Auxiliaries


A stock solution is a concentrated solution that will be diluted to some lower concentration for actual use. Stock solutions are used to save preparation time, conserve materials, reduce storage space, and improve the accuracy with which working lower concentration solutions are prepared.

Equipment name:

  1. Pipette
  2. conical flask
  3. Electric balance
  4. Steel Pot

Stock Solution Preparation:

  • Two types of chemicals are used in this lab. One is solution/liquid type and the other is solid chemical.
  • For solid types chemicals, say we have to make 5% Soda Ash. We have to take 100 ml water in a pipet & then add 5g soda ash powder here. Now our solution is ready.
  • If a wetting agent is a liquid type, then we have to take 95 ml water with 5ml wetting agent in a pipette.


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Stock Solution Preparation:



Dyes=1% ( 1% stock solution)

Wetting agent = 5g/l ( 5% stock solution)

M:L = 1:15


Required Amount of Chemicals


Formula 2=(Recipe amount in %*Sample weight)/stock solution%

Say, Sample weight: 6.90 gm

Total liquid = (6.90 *15) ml  =103.5 ml

Dyes= (6.9*1%)/1% =6.9 ml

Wetting agent = =10.35 ml

Total amount of chemicals needed =(10.35+6.9)=17.25 ml

Required amount of water needed= (103.5-17.25) ml =86.25 ml



By this practical, we can make stock solution & know how to calculate the amount of chemical & auxiliaries.


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