Washable Batteries for fabrics

Washable Batteries for fabrics

Researchers from the University of Cambridge and  Jiangnan University in China have developed Washable Batteries for fabrics. The researchers have shown how graphene and related materials can be directly incorporated into fabrics to produce charge storage elements like capacitors.

Washable Batteries for fabrics

The scientists vision

The scientists say their development paves the way to a textile-based power supply. And it is washable, flexible, and comfortable to wear. The textile electronic devices are based on low-cost, sustainable, and scalable dyeing of polyester fabric. The inks used for printing are made using standard solution processing techniques.

It can be directly incorporated into fabrics that could be used for flexible circuits, healthcare monitoring, energy conversion, and other applications.

Working Method

The result is a thin and uniform conducting network made of multiple graphene sheets. Overlaying several graphene and hexagonal boron nitride fabrics create an active region that can store a charge.

The work paves the way for all sorts of commercial opportunities. Like personal health and well-being technology, wearable energy, data storage. Along with military garments, wearable computing, and fashion.


The researchers offer no indication. No one knows when commercial products using the technology might be available. The tech could one-day mean you recharge your Phone from your shirt.

Author: Asif Hossain

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