A cloth which can hear your heartbeat

Heart Rate Tracing Fabric | কাপড় যা আমাদের হার্টবিট পরিমাপ করতে সক্ষম

Technical Textile is becoming a roaring field nowadays. Heart Rate Tracing Fabric is one of the most amazing inventions of E-Textile.

Material & Method

A person’s heartbeat is the sound of the valves in his/her’s heart due to the expansion and contraction of the blood vessels when blood enters and leaves it. The number of times the heartbeats per minute (BPM), is the heartbeat rate. And the beat of the heart that can be felt in any artery that lies close to the skin is the pulse.

Generally, people measure their heart rate manually. By holding their hands they feel the pulse in the nerve and look at their watch to count the heartbeats per minute. Our heart does this around 70 to 84 times a minute for a healthy person.

The sensor is based on the principle of photoplethysmography(PPG). It measures the change in volume of blood through any organ of the body which causes a change in the light intensity through that organ (a vascular region).

Heart Rate Tracing Fabric

Working Method


The sensor consists of a light emitting diode in the center which helps in detecting the heartbeat. Below the diode, there is a noise elimination circuitry which keep away the noise from affecting the readings. Blood absorb the light. And the transmitted or the reflected light is received by the light detector. The amount of light absorbed depends on the blood volume in that tissue.


The user can get this data through smart devices. Through wireless transformation a doctor can monitor various patients’ data at a time. The graphical view demonstrates the fluent and abnormal behaviour of pulse wave that needs critical reasoning.


E-Textile is the future. It will take the world economy to another level. And change the way of seeing Textile.

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