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4 Types of Personality

4 Types of Personality

In part one, as we already know there are 4 types of personality in our society and briefly
explain about 4 types of personality Introvert, extrovert, “Ambivert” and “omnivert”.

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 In this part we will know which is better to be an Introvert, extrovert, “Ambivert” an “omnivert” and we will also know how to go from Introbert to Extrobart. So, what is better to be an Introvert, extrovert, “Ambivert” and “omnivert”.


 4 types of personality

As we already know that an introvert person is often though as a quite, self-contained and thoughtful individual, An extrovert is a person who is friendly and outgoing, A person who has the ability to act both introvert and extrovert is called Ambivert, and a person who can change his characteristics when he need to act like introvert or extrovert is called Omnivert.

We know that introverts are the ones who always like to be one. They never want to mix with people or in a word they can’t mix with people. But they tell all the secrets to those they mix with. They are very brilliant in terms of study. They don’t like to talk too much.


They dont share their feelings with anyone. They don’t like to go out in the crowd. But they will have a close friend with whom they share everything and that friend is also an inverted person. They are always frustrated all the time.

Extrovert loves Mingle with everyone. They like crowds. They can move around with any type of person. This type of person has many friends. They like to be out of the house.

They share all the news of their happiness and sorrow with people. Such a person adopts people very quickly. People with such a personality cannot see introverted people. They adjust themselves to any situation. They are always happy to smile and very jolly.

4 types of personality

A person who has the ability to act both introvert and extrovert is called Ambivert. They can play two types of personality. A person who can change his characteristics and act like introvert or extrovert when they needed is called Omnivert. They can change their personality when they want. They use introverts with introverts and extroverts with extroverts.

Diversity of Personality Conclusion

In my perspective I think a person should be an Ambivert. I personally believe that it is better to be an ambivert because I am an ambivert person and this type of personality holder can hold both introvert and extrovert.

They can mixed any kind of situation in their life .they can play the role of introvert and extrovert. I am not saying that introvert, extrovert, omnivert is not good personality but it better to be an ambivert.

How can we go from Introvert to Extrovert:

If a person goes from Introvert to Extrovert then they can follow these steps. Be Open Minded. It’s difficult to draw out of yourself a personality trait that you perceive negatively. Adopt Opposite Behaviors. Practice behaving like an extrovert until it comes more naturally to you. Act the Part. Learn from Others. Know Thyself Other Introverts.

Author- Ericsson Peris
Department: English
Notre dame university Bangladesh
Member of ‘ARE Writers Community’

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