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What is Top Dyeing in Textile ?

What is Top Dyeing in Textile ?

Top dyeing is also the dyeing of the fiber before it is spun into yarn and serves the same purpose as stock dyeing – that is, to produce soft, heather-like color effects.

The term top refers to the fibers of wool from which the short fibers have been removed. The top is thus selecting long fibers that are used to spin worsted yarn.

The top in the form of sliver is dyed and then blended with other colors of dyed top to produce desired heather shades.

Top Dyeing in Textile


It is another method of dyeing fiber or yarn prior to being spun. In this method, the short fibers are removed before the dyeing process. Top refers to the long fibers of wool from which the short ones were removed from and used for worsted yarn.


One step nearer to the finished yarn than stock dyeing is what is called top dyeing in the worsted industry. Top is wool that has been combed to take out the short fibres, then delivered from the combs in a ropelike form about 1.25” the top is wound on perforated spools and the dye liquor is circulated through it. Very even dyeing is possible with this method.


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