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What is Piece Dyeing in Textile?

What is Piece Dyeing in Textile?

The dyeing of fabrics in the cut, bolt or piece form is called Piece Dyeing in Textile. It follows the weaving of the goods and provides a single color for the material; such as blue serge, a green organdy.

The most commonly used processes for imparting color to cotton are piece dyeing and yarn dyeing. The process of applying color to fiber stock, yarn, or fabric is called dyeing.” There may or may not be thorough penetration of the colorant into the fibers or yarns.

In piece dyeing, which is used primarily for fabrics that are to be a solid color; a continuous length of dry cloth is passed full-width through a trough of hot dye solution.


Piece Dyeing in Textile


The cloth then goes between padded rollers that squeeze in the color evenly and removes the excess liquid. In one variation of this basic method, the fabric; in a rope-like coil, is processed on a reel that passes in and out of a dye beck or vat.

It is the most common method of dyeing used. The various methods used for this type of dyeing include jet dyeing. Jig dyeing, pad dyeing and beam dyeing.


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