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Sugar, Salt and Rice-Three White Poisons

Sugar, Salt and Rice-Three White Poisons

White is the symbol of peace, but not all white things are good. There are three white things called white poison. And those three white poisons are Sugar, Salt and Rice.


Three White Poisons

Nutritionists says that if a person eats too much of sugar, salt and ric; he will soon become obese; which is not good for the human body at all. So these three white poisons should be eaten in the proper way. A former nutritionist Akhtarun Nahar said that many chemicals are used to whiten salt; sugar and rice for which these three things reduce their quality and that is why these three things are making people obese.

Three White Poisons Sugar, Salt and Rice

Usually the salt and sugar we buy from the market is as white as ice but the salt and sugar which are taken from nature is not as white. Sugar and salt are bleached using a substance called hydrogen which leads to obesity. In the same way; to atruct the buyers, the millers bleached the rice which takes away the vitamin B-1 from the chao. And there is nothing but carbohydrates in this white rice and taking these carbohydrates increases the appetite of the people and that digging causes obesity in the people. Eating too much sugar raise blood sugar levels; which can lead to high blood pressure; diabetes and even cardiac arrest.

So we should eat as little salt as possible. The amount of salt that is added to the curry during cooking and then does not take extra salt while eating will reduce the amount of salt eaten. The amount of sugar eaten should be minimized by any sweet fruit eaten every day to meet the demand for sugar. ‌ And eating brown rice instead of white rice is good for health. In addition; reducing the amount of rice eaten will be much better for health. This way we can reduce the intake of these three white poison and keep our body healthy

Zahin A. Bivor
Notre Dame University
English Department

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