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Benefits of Critical Thinking

Benefits of Critical Thinking

Benefits of Critical Thinking

In our everyday life, a huge amount of thoughts come in our mind; having with or, without reasons, and these thoughts are consisting of positive and negative sides. We often get concerned for the reasons of the enormous amount of thoughts that start surrounding on our minds, and confused which works to be done, which not to be done by us.

What would be the effects or, eventualities come as a result of those works? We must to think before doing rather than after compensating. That’s the way, we need to approach, and have an implementation. We gotta start that work of critical thinking. If that kinda thinking responds negatively, We are supposed to say prudently that the person is doing less critical thinking, and preferring his desires blindly whether it has negative sides or, not. There are five rules as well as the system of critical thinking:

1) Formulate your Questions;
2) Gather your information;
3) Apply your information;
4) Consider implications;
5) Explore other’s points of view.

I am mentioning the regarding interpretations, and illustrations. I’m writing the essence of that. In the first place, we are supposed to formulate our Questions. Whatever the thoughts come in our mind, we need to keep holding our nerves and excitements rather than doing immediately. We got to think deeply about it.

Benefits of Critical Thinking


We need to gather the information on that, and have to find out the good and bad things; are hidden inside of the work. Then we will get clear concept of that, and able to apply the thoughts according to our thoughts. If that absolutely seems perfect to be done and also we need to prudently think of the implications that would take part or, the effects come as a result. We can’t avoid it sometimes after having proper judgment by thyself. We need to take reviews from others to know what other people think about it, and that will bring perfection as it is regarded as others’ point of view.


Avijit Chakrabarty Pritam.
Profession: Student.
Department: English Literature.

Institution: Notre Dame University Bangladesh.

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