A successful Chef- The untold story

A successful Chef- The untold story

A successful Chef

A successful Chef- Based on a true story

A boy who wants to be a chef and also have ambition, He was always seeking for permission and waiting for such a day when his dreams come true. He worked very hard and his all dreams come true but the journey of that boy was so hard. In this story, we will learn about his struggle and we also know how the boy struggle in life and how he fulfills his dream.

A successful Chef- Story Begins

The story begins in this way. The boy passed secondary school in 2016 and his journey started from there. At that time he had no idea what he would do in life after passing secondary from Dhaka. He was a child of a middle-class family. They could barely keep up with what his father earned. Then he left Dhaka and came back to the village. He stayed at home for about 1 year. Seeing that his father would cover all their expenses, he decided that he would earn money by working for his family, and would no longer study. He decided that he would be a chef like his father. His father is a house cook and the society people do not give respect to his father because his father is a failure chef. Then he decided to be a chef like his father and he makes her father proud. So he left for Dhaka again in 2016 to become a chef. He came to Dhaka with 50,000 rupees to do a chef course. At that time he has no money to live in Dhaka with his family.

A successful Chef

He used to live in a house with three of his friends. There was no money for food. He could not eat properly three times. He used to go to his day with great difficulty. He has to do the whole household work cook for everyone. He was then admitted to the chef course, the course duration was three. Then he started doing the course and finished the course with a lot of minds. After the end of the course, when his result was out, his result was second. After completing the course, he submitted his CV in many hotels for attachment but it is a matter of sorrow that no hotel selected him for attachment. At that time he was very disappointed because he could not get an attachment to any hotel with such a good result. Because at that time if he wants to get the attachment he would need a reference of any hotel chefs. But he had no reference. Then one of his friends helped him.


His friends & Father used to work in a hotel and by his friend’s father’s reference, he got an
attachment to a hotel. He was attached for about three months and when the attachment was over he became a chef. In the middle of 2017, he started trying to find a job. About 1 year later in 2019, he got a job. After struggling a lot he is now a successful chef. And now he is doing his job very nicely. From this story, we learned that we should never lose hope in our life besides if we will fight with the situation then we can be successful in life.

Author- Ericsson peris
Profession- Student
Department- English literature
Notre Dame University Bangladesh

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