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Study on Pirn Winding Machine |Lab Report|

Study on Pirn Winding Machine |Lab Report|

Experiment Name: Study on Pirn Winding Machine Mechanism. Lab Report


Winding is the process of transferring yarn from one package to another preferable yarn package.

Pirn is a rod made of wood, plastic, or metal that is used in shuttle during weaving. The process of transferring yarn from other yarn packages to pirn is called Pirn Winding. ( Ex: Cone Package to Pirn Package)


Objectives of pirn winding machine:

  • To learn about Pirn Winding Machine
  • To learn Yarn Path Diagram of Pirn Winding Machine
  • To learn Gearing Diagram of Pirn Winding Machine

Study on Pirn Winding Machine

Yarn Path Diagram


The Cone Yarn package remains in the cone holder. From there yarn comes to capstan tensioner passing through the yarn guides.

 A tensioner is a device that provides the proper and required amount of tension to the yarn.

From there yarn passes through a yarn guide and reaches Traverse Yarn Guide that remains in the Traverse Shaft.

Traverse Shat undergoes to and fro movement so that uniform winding can be done.

From Traverse Yarn Guide yarn comes to the empty pirn for winding.

Pirn Winding Machine Lab Report

Gearing Diagram


A motor is a machine that converts Electrical Energy into Mechanical Energy.

A pulley that remains attached to the motor is called Motor Pulley.

Motor pulley and Machine pulley remain connected by dint of V-belt. That’s why motion transfers from the motor pulley to the machine pulley.

There is two guide pulley that also remains connected with the machine pulley by belt. That’s why motion gets transferred to the guide pulleys.

Pirn holder remains in contact with guide pulleys.  

That’s why when the motor rotates the pirn that remains in the holder also rotates and the winding gets completed.


Pirn is a very necessary thing for weaving. Through this experiment, we learned about the Pirn Winding Machine mechanism, working principle, etc. Hope this knowledge will help us in our professional life in the future.

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