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Study on High Speed Warping Machine [Lab Report]

Study on High Speed Warping Machine [Lab Report]

Experiment Name: Study on High Speed Warping Machine [Lab Report


Warping is the preparation of yarn to weave fabric. It is the transfer of many yarns from the creel of single packages to a beam. The yarns will form a parallel sheet of yarn wound onto the beam.

Transferring many yarns from a creel of single end packages forming a parallel sheet of yarns wound onto a beam or a section of WARPING. There are two types of warping;

  • High-speed warping
  • Sectional Warping

High speed warping too called Beam warping/Direct warping.  When the yarns are drawn from the single packages on the creel directly onto the beam then it is called direct warping. It is also called high speed warping or beam warping. Direct warping is used to make smaller beams which are combined later in slashing to produce the weaver’s beam. 


  • Learn about High-Speed warping
  • Know about Machine Parts
  • Know Features of High Speed Waping
  •  Acknowledge about Yarn Path Diagram
  • Acknowledge about Gearing Diagram

Study on High Speed Warping Machine 


  • Lab
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Note book

High Speed Warp Knitting Machine


  • It is used to produce weavers beam from a large amount of yarn
  • Here, the weaver’s beam is produced after sizing.
  • It is used for high-speed production.
  • High speed warping machine is used for producing weavers beam from a single yarn.
  • It is also used to produce common fabrics in a higher number of quantities.
  • Creel capacity is higher than 12000.
  • It is a cheap process.
  • Uniform tension is required here.

Flow Chart of High Speed Warping Machine:


Yarn cone or Chase

Yarn and ceramic guide

auto stopper


Lease rod

Pressure Roller


Yarn Path Diagram

The journey of yarn starts from Cone or Cheese Yarn package that remains in the Creel.
From there it comes to Tensioner passing through Yarn Guides. Tensioner provide proper and constant tension to the yarns.
Then yarn pass through V-Reed and there is an auto stopper. If any yarn breakage occurs the indicator light up.
From there yarn comes to Warp beam passing through Lease Rod and Pressure Roller. Lease rod helps to separate individual yarn and Pressure roller supplies proper pressure so that uniform Warping can be done.

 High Speed Warping Machine Lab Report

Gearing Diagram  

Motor is a machine that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy.
A pulley that remains attached to the motor is called Motor pulley.
Motion transfers from the motor pulley to machine pulley through a belt.
From machine pulley motion gets transferred to Groove Drum/ Winding Drum through camshaft.
The Warp beam or Prebeam remains connected to the Drum.
That’s why when  Winding Drum rotates Pre Beam also rotates and Warping is done.


From this experiment, we learned how High Speed Warping machine works along with its yarn path and gearing diagram. Hope this knowledge will help us in the future. 
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