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Straight Knife Cutting Machine Diagram

Straight Knife Cutting Machine Diagram

Experiment Name: Study on Straight Knife Cutting Machine.


A straight knife is a cutting machine used to cut components of differing sizes. This is the most frequently used equipment for cutting garments in bulk. It is moved along the cut contours, while the fabric spread remains in a fixed position.

Straight Knife Cutting Machine Parts

Machine Specification:

Brand Name: KM
Origin: China
Motor rpm: 3000-3600
Knife Size: 8”-10”
Lay Capacity: 6”-7”

Different Parts of Straight Knife Cutting Machine

A straight knife machine has the following main parts (See figure below):

  1. Upper handle,
  2. Electrical cable,
  3. Motor,
  4. Side handle,
  5. Knife sharpener,
  6. Stand,
  7. Presser foot,
  8. Straight knife, and
  9. Base plate with rollers.



  • Manually Operated powered knife
  • Steel knife, Teflon coated
  • Up/down motion
  • Automatic sharpening
  • Weighs around 12-18 kg.
  • Suitable for cutting larger components
  • Comparatively less expensive
  • Difficulty to cut smaller/curvy components
  • Difficulty cutting at a perfectly 90-degree angle.
  • The machine is movable and fabric lay is fixed while cutting

Straight knife cutting machine


  1. A large number of fabric lays can be cut by the machine due to the high length of the knife and r.p.m. of the motor. So, productivity is high.
  2. Automatic grinding.
  3. Automatically lubrication.
  4. Comparatively cheap.
  5. Can be moved easily by the wheel.
  6. Suitable for straight line and curve line.
  7. Can be cut high curve line than  round knife.
  8. Fabric can be cut from any angle.


  1. The high speed of the machine causes a high risk of damage.
  2. A faulty knife could damage the fabric layer.
  3. Motor weight creates knife deflection which may create faulty pieces.
  4. Risk is high for physical damage of operator.
  5. Knife required to replace.

Precaution To Avoid Blade Deflection

  1. Reducing lay height.
  2. The weight of the motor should be light.
  3. The operator should be skilled and conscious.


It’s suitable for straight-line cutting, curve line cutting, and for large part cutting. It is used for large production. Most commonly used in Garments Industry of Bangladesh (99%).

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