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Pashmina Fiber Fabric

Pashmina Fiber Fabric

Pashmina Fiber Fabric. Pashmina is another name for Cashmere is a downy undercoat of the Capra Hircus Laniger goats that mainly live in the Trans-Himalayan regions classified as specialty hair fibers that possess special qualities of fineness and luster, which is used for making finest quality shawls and hijabs.


Pashmina Fiber Fabric


The exotic Pashmina fabric – is one of the oldest & most expensive in the world. A fabric that adorned the shoulders of Kings & Queens of the world over for centuries.

A fabric so soft that it translates to “Soft Gold”, so delicate that it has to be handled with utmost care; has had a very humble beginning.

A land far away from the noise of civilization, where chilly winds make their headway, much like the Arctic wastes of Siberia and Alaska. These are the highlands of Kashmir.

Here resident mammals reside and spend their lives in the harsh weather. Thanks to their natural hair that shelters them like a warm cocoon.

Be it goats, antelopes, camels, or yaks, these animals grow an undercoat that is coarse but superfine. It protects them from plummeting temperatures as low as minus 40 degree Celsius.

These dark, winter days soon turn into long and pleasant environs. With the onset of spring, the temperatures rise, and the days lengthen.

This triggers hormonal changes in these animals. They start to gradually shed this undercoat, which now doesn’t really serve any purpose.

The luxurious fibers that are procured from these undercoats have been collected and combed out by local communities and generally recycled for their own use.

Several species have been domesticated for time immemorial and have been harvested sustainably for local use.

Of all these animal fibers, it is Pashm that is the most famous, which is internationally known as Cashmere.

In India, the fleece of the Tibetan goat, from which the classic Kashmir shawl is woven, is called Pashm. It is derived from an Urdu word that means raw fiber.

However, Pashmina is the yarn spun and the material that is woven from Pashm.


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