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Fabric Strip Test

Fabric Strip Test

Fabric Strip Test is a textile tensile strength measuring method. So before further moving, we need to know about the Tensile Strength Test.

Fabric Tensile Strength Test

Fabric tensile strength can be tested using universal tensile strength testing equipment with suitable sample mounting jaws. There are different methods of tensile testing of the fabric, which are as follows:

  1. Strip Test (British Standard)
  2. Grab Test (US standard)

What is Fabric Strip Test?

In Strip Test, the full width of the test specimen is gripped in the jaws of the Strip testing machine. During this test, tensile force is applied to the fabric specimen until it ruptures.


Strip tests are two types.

  1. Cut strip test and
  2. Reveled strip test.


Cut strip test:

The cut strip procedure is applicable to heavily filled fabrics, woven fabrics that cannot be readily raveled, felted fabrics and nonwoven fabrics. This procedure is not recommended for fabrics which cannot be raveled as yarns as the edges tend to unravel during testing.


Ravelled strip test:

The ravelled strip procedure is applicable for the determination of the force required to break a specific width of fabric. The ravelled strip test is applicable to woven fabrics, whereas the cut strip test is applicable to non-woven fabrics and dipped or coated fabrics.

Sample Preparation of Strip Test:


  • 5 samples for warp direction
  • 5 samples for weft direction
  • First taken a sample of (60mmx300) mm and then frayed down to (50mmx300) mm

Fabric Strip Test

Test Procedure:

  1. The sample is clamped in the jaws.
  2. CRE 500mm per minute loading.
  3. Gauge length 200mm.
  4. After completion of the test the result will be shown in the control unit; note this reading.
  5. Repeat the test for all other warp and weft way specimens. Find the average and the results are expressed separately for warp and weft ways.

Test Result:

  • Mean breaking force
  • Mean elongation at break

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