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Birds Eye Fabric

Birds Eye Fabric

Birds Eye Fabric is known as  bird’s eye cloth with moisture absorption and perspiration. From its name, we can tell all its characteristics directly. The reason why it is called a bird’s eye cloth is that its surface is made up of many bird’s eyes.

If you look carefully, you can see that its surface presents a square shape. Small holes, these holes exist in order to better sweat, which is the origin of the name of the bird’s eye cloth.
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What is Birds Eye Fabric?

In fabrics and textiles, the Bird’s Eye pattern refers to a tiny/ intricate pattern that looks like a minuscule polka-dot pattern. To read on, please click this link.

Bird’s eye patterned fabric is typically used in the construction of men’s suits. This pattern most commonly takes the form of lighter colored dots on a dark cloth background.

Far from being a polka dot pattern, however, the spots on bird’s eye fabric are minuscule and from a distance appear as a field of solid color. Bird’s eye pattern is also commonly combined with a pique weaving method to further add more structure to the fabric’s surface.

There are different variations of the bird’s eye pattern, the most common of which has the dots being centered within diamond stitches that have been woven into the fabric itself.

Less common mutations of the bird’s eye pattern (some which barely resemble the original style) are used on alternate pieces of clothing such as T-shirts and neckties.


When should I wear a bird’s eye Fabric?

Bird’s eye is an eye-catching fabric with a characteristic pattern that lends itself to statement-making clothing. Bird’s eye is a particular favorite for formal suiting, especially in summer; because bird’s eye fabric tends to be lightweight and breathable; especially if it’s made with cotton. If you’re in the market for a bespoke tailored suit, ask about bird’s eye.

 Maintaining a bird’s eye Fabric

A bird’s eye cotton suit can be properly maintained with a suit brush and a steamer to loosen any wrinkles that may have formed during wear and storage. Hang your suit with a hanger that won’t distort its shape to ensure your suit’s longevity.

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Does the bird’s eye wrinkle?

Bird’s eye is a sturdy fabric that is naturally resistant to wrinkling.

Is the bird’s eye fabric easy to clean?

A bird’s eye suit can be spot cleaned as necessary. To preserve the integrity of the suit; only dry clean once a year.

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Bird’s eye is a cotton fabric made on a dobby loom; which results in a small, repetitive woven pattern that resembles diamonds or more commonly thought; the eye of a bird. This fabric was originally made with cotton, or linen and is versatile enough for a variety of different garments; though it is typically used in men’s suits.

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