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Batiste Fabric

Batiste Fabric

Batiste Fabric is a balanced plain weave; a fine cloth made from cotton or linen such as cambric. It was often used as a lining fabric for high-quality garments. Batiste is also used for handkerchiefs

What is Batiste Fabric?

 Batiste Fabric is a sheer linen fabric named for the famous French weaver Jean Batiste. Today, it is most often refers to a lightweight plain weave fabric made with mercerized cotton. The mercerized process imparts a sheen to the surface of the fabric.

Batiste is a “plain weave” fabric similar to Percale, which is very light in weight; very soft and smooth to the hand with a “crisp” feel. Plain weave fabrics make an especially good down proof fabric.


The Batiste weave was created in the 13th century; and was originally woven with the Flax (linen) fiber. Today, Batiste is typically woven with Cotton or modern plant-derived fibers such as Tencel® and is especially suitable for use in down comforters; where softness, strength, and lightweight are desirable attributes.

We can use this light fabric for bedding; such as tucked and pleated pillow shams; and non-sheer curtains that let in light while blocking the view.


Application and Uses

Downproof Batiste fabric, used for down comforters and pillows and specially woven to prevent the down from leaking out of the fabric; can sometimes have a noticeable “crinkly” or rustling sound; that may lessen over time with use, or perhaps as you become accustomed to this characteristic.  

The characteristics of the Batiste weave; lightness, softness, smoothness, strength, and durability; when combined with the attributes of Tencel®; (softer than silk, cooler than linen; and naturally anti-microbial) results in a down-proof fabric that is without equal for lightness, strength, and softness.


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