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Band Knife Cutting Machine | Parts and Diagram |

Experiment Name: Study on Band Knife Cutting Machine. 


Band knife cutting machine is important equipment used in garments manufacturing factory.  A band knife is a power tool used for cutting cloth. Very similar in operation to a band saw, it has an endless loop blade and the material to be cut is supported by a flat table.

Band Knife blades are used on two types of machines depending on the material being cut/processed:

 Vertical band knife machine

 Horizontal band knife machine 


Study on Band Knife Cutting Machine

Machine Specification:

Brand Name: Oshima

Origin: Japan


400 – 1500

Standard: 900-1100

Lay Capacity: 4” – 5”

Knife size: 1cm- 1.5 cm

Band Knife Cutting Machine



    • Continuous knife/ Without edge knife
    • Steel knife, Teflon coated.
    • Rotatory motion of the knife
    • The machine is fixed but fabric lay is movable while cutting
    • Suitable for cutting at a perfectly 90 degree angle
    • Cannot cut knit fabric
    • Suitable for cutting smaller components
    • Requires more space in the cutting room.
    • Requires more safety measures
    • Has airball facility for moving fabric lay

Working Principle

The below processes have to maintain to cut the fabric by using this machine:

    1. At first, clean the table,
    2. Spread the paper,
    3. Spread the fabric,
    4. Should attach the tape,
    5. Spread the marker,
    6. Now, start the cutting process,
    7. Stickering in cutting fabric,
    8. Bundle the cut fabric,
    9. Checking all the cut panels,
    10. Now, it’s ready for the sewing process.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Band Knife Cutting Machine 


  • Very effective than a straight knife to cut small pieces of garments.
  • Low space is required for the installation of this machine.
  • An automatic grinder is used to make sharper the edge of the knife during cutting.
  • The intensity of accidents is very low.
  • Air blower helps to smoothly handle and cut the fabric layer.
  • Only one operator can fully control a machine with fully operational.
  • .


  • An operator is required to move around the machine to handle the fabric layer.
  • Without a proper marker the fabric wastage is high.
  • Not possible to cut large length garments due to table length
  • Fabric is not possible to cut directly.
  • High weight layer could be a problem with a smooth and perfect cut.
  • Too many markers required for large production.



This is all about Band Knife Machine. If you have any doubts or queries leave a comment below.


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