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Chintz Fabric

Chintz Fabric | Properties, Uses, and Maintenance |

Chintz Fabric | Properties, Uses, and Maintenance |

Chintz Fabric is basically a woven cotton fabric with medium weight known for its colorful; large, and bright designs typically done in floral fashion.


What is Chintz Fabric?

Chintz is a woodblock printed, painted, stained; or glazed calico textile that originated in India in the 16th century.

The cloth is printed with designs featuring flowers and other patterns in different colors; typically on a light, plain background.

Chintz Fabric Uses and Maintenance


Chintz generally pertains to polished cotton with floral designs that look expensive and intricate. A resin of glaze finish is applied in processing the cloth, which contributes to its shiny appearance.

Once the fabric has been treated, it is placed between metal rollers and pressed to set the glaze and make the finished fabric look shiny. While it looks good, the shine can be washed away through continued use of the fabric and cleaning. The finish, more often than not, is not waterproof.

To make the shine last longer, you have to use only a little water to maintain the fabric. Certain kinds of chintz specifically come with fabric care instructions that they can only be dry cleaned.

Does chintz wrinkle?

Because the nature of chintz is to have a flat, smooth surface, it is highly susceptible to wrinkling. When used in apparel, it will need regular ironing with steam to keep it looking sharp.



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