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Air Flow Method to determine Fiber Fineness

Have you heard about the Air Flow Method to Determine Fiber Fineness? Lets learn step by step and click by click. 

Experiment name: Determination of fiber fineness by air flow method of cotton fiber.


The fiber fineness is expressed in weight per unit length or length per weight. According to “Textile Institute”, the fineness of cotton, silk and manufactured fibers is usually expressed in terms of average linear density.

Study on Air Flow Method to determine Fiber Fineness

Principle: In this method, fiber fineness is measured by air flow. If large amount of air is blown, the fiber will be coarse and if small amount of air is blown, the fiber will be fine. The method based on this principle.



 To know about the fiber fineness
 To know about the air flow method

Atmospheric condition:

To condition in which we are giving to heat or perform this experiment is the room temperature was 24.90 C and Moisture regain was 51%.

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  • Cotton fiber sample
  •  Weight box
  • Fiber fineness tester


Working Principle

 4 gm of sample is taken and balanced properly
 The sample is opened very well and fiber are separated and randomized
 The sample placed into the compression chamber.
 The fiber compression plunger is inserted and locked in its place by
twisting the foot pedal is operate to allow air inside
 Then take the reading on the machine and calculated to microniare unit

Observation table:  


Serial no Sample weight MIC Mean  difference SD CV%
01 4 2.71 2.70 0.0001 0.012 0.45%
02 4 2.69 0.0001
03 4 2.69 0.0001
∑(̅ )=0.0003


Result: The micronaire value of selected cotton fiber respectively 2.71, 2.69, 2.69. So, it is a very fine. Because we know 0-3 is very fine fiber.



  • The sample should be balanced properly according to machine tolerance
  • The sample should be opened very well before placed into chamber  The machine should be operated carefully  Take the reading properly and calculated the CV.



In this experiment we can know about the air flow method and find the fineness of fiber. This kind of knowledge helps us in the future and our job sector.

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