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Best 10 Skill A Student Must Have

Best 10 Skill A Student Must Have

Top 10 Skill A Student Must Have; to move your future career. Let’s note down some tips.

Microsoft Excel

we can access data entry in excel, connecting to another sheet with connection to another sheet which is used in official functions.

Typing skills

In this internet era, we have connected ourselves to every often device, so we can improve our typing skills in order to use the device to help the device.

Photo Editing

With the blessings of advanced smartphones, we are now able to have a better-advanced pixel camera in our hands. So we take the picture, now if we build up our editing capacity, we can easily earn from different out enlisted companies. I can use Adobe Photoshop as software.
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Video editing

maybe where did I go to travel or catch the sky in the roof of the sky sitting on the roof of the sky, I have made a video with fun and catch the cake on my friend’s birthday, I have made a funny video that I have made a funny video. Gifted Google with funny background words or different effects. This is how we can develop our skills to develop our skills.

Top 10 Skill A Student Must Have

Microsoft Word

when the word is especially useful, the word is particularly useful, including picture assistant, link assistant, the creation of different piḍī’ēpha. We can do it easily.

Learn to speak and write English

I don’t want to say anything about this matter. I think you are the only one who is the one who is the one who is the one who

 Learning to write email

how to write a complete formal mail, how to write the necessary words in the form of bullet point in the mail, how to use cc, bc to use a complete idea of how to use cc, BC It’s good to keep.


some of us can draw beautiful pictures or maybe some of our own color sense is very good we can find a new color when it mixed with color. We can digital this quality by designing logo designing or various website templates, creating Youtube’s thrābanēla. Let’s get the device started today.

Skill A Student Must Have

Presentation Tricks

we can talk, but how many can we talk about ten more people to establish their thoughts in the mind? Yes, this is also a skill. I love you my dear friend and I love you so much.

 Selling power

 I’m not asking you to sell lemon at RS 2 only to sell lemon, just telling them to get this quality very well. Why? Do you think that the product of your company has come new to tell me why do you want to listen to me? Did you understand anything?

Skill A Student Must Have

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