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Modern Loom or Shuttle Less Loom

Modern Loom or Shuttle Less Loom

Modern Loom also known as Shuttle less Loom; is used to produce high fashionable fabrics with a high production rate.

In modern times, the use of shuttle less loom is increased rapidly. Modern loom still weaves by repeating in sequence the operations of shedding, picking, and beating in.

But within that framework, there has been considerable development during the 20th century. Several new types of loom have come into industrial use, whereas older types have been refined and their scope extended. Like as:-

Modern Loom or Shuttle Less Loom

Projectile loom

This class of looms uses a succession of small shuttle-like projectiles to transport single picks of weft through the warp shed from stationary supply cones. These looms are highly sophisticated weaving machines capable of a very high output of first-quality fabrics.

 Rapier looms

This type of looms consists of rigid and flexible rapier looms in which single picks of weft are inserted from stationery supply packages, by means of a slim shaft or shafts known as rapiers.

Modern Loom or Shuttle Less Loom

 Jet looms

This type of looms includes air-jet and water-jet looms. Water-jet looms are only suitable for weaving continuous filament hydrophobic materials. In the air-jet looms the weft is inserted by means of a very fine high velocity air-jet.


 Multiphase loom

This loom is still in the development stage, although preliminary versions have been demonstrated. It is a further development of the multi-shuttle circular looms, but the new versions are linear machines.

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