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Let’s Make the Depression Depressed 

Let's Make the Depression Depressed 

How to Overcome Depression; Depression is a common and serious medical that negatively affects how you feel the way you think and how you act. When a person is depressed, he just sees the darkness.  According to the “World Health Organization”, 8,00,000 people in the world commit suicide every year because of depression.

Fortunately, there are treatments for this illness. But here we will not talk about treatment, we will talk about another way to overcome depression.

How to Overcome Depression

There are various reasons for committing suicide but one of the biggest reasons for committing suicide in our country is the result. In our society, A+ is more valuable than a good education.  As a result of not getting A+ in the exam, the students have to listen to a lot from the family and society which leaves them in depression, and from that depression, they are forced to commit suicide.

How to overcome depression

Many big celebrities also commit suicide. Just a few days ago, a well-known Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput also committed suicide and it is known that the reason for his suicide was depression.

Many exams will come to life. If an exam goes bad, life will not stop there and there is no point in committing suicide due to depression. Like also when an ordinary person can be happy with his ordinary life, why would a celebrity be so depressed even though she has a lot of wealth and reputation?


If this is the case then people will start committing suicide in groups. First, suicide is a great sin in any religion, and second, depression is a kind of test. Promotion is just as good as a promotion if you can do it well. If we can overcome this depression well then, a lot of good times are waiting for us. Of course, good times come after bad times.

In the same way that we will enjoy the good times of my life, we will take care of how to overcome the bad times without getting depressed.

Scientists said, when dinosaurs were alive, there were cockroaches too, but today dinosaurs are extinct, but cockroaches are still alive.
In other words, dinosaurs could not survive in adverse conditions that’s why they are extinct from the earth today, and cockroaches survived in adverse conditions and they are still alive today.

Let’s make the Depression Depressed 

So, in this way, we can overcome our depression. From now on, our goal is to get rid of depression without falling into depression. And once we can do this, our lives will be much more beautiful and brighter.

How to overcome depression

Author- Zahin A. Bivor

Notre Dame University Bangladesh

Department of English

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