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Graphene fiber is a kind of novel carbon fiber assembled by orderly aligned graphene sheets with high flexibility, good conductivity, high thermal conductivity, and low density, which make them possible to be widely used in high-performance and multifunctional compound materials as well as flexible electronic devices. 


Characteristics of Graphene Fiber:


  1. It is stronger than diamonds.
  2. The density of this material is low.
  3. Demonstrates a high level of permeability.
  4. Has high thermal conductivity.
  5. The value of the modulus of elasticity is much improved.
  6. Graphene Fiber shows good resistance to any deformation.
  7. Its atomic expansion is like a two-dimensional expansion.
  8. Water replenishment qualities exist.
  9. There are many opportunities to use it as an electrical sensor.

Applications of Graphene Fiber in Textile:


Now we will discuss how Graphene is revolutionizing the textile & fashion industry:

1) Use of graphene in e-textiles and smart textiles:

E-textile is a fabric that enables the embedding of computing, digital components, and electronics. Electro conductive textiles can be made using graphene textile fibers in the weaving of textile manufacturing. Smart textiles are defined as textile products such as yarns and fibers, yarn together with woven, knitted, and non-woven structures, which can interact with the user.


2) Production of waterproof fabric:

Scientist James Dickerson and a team of researchers at Vanderbilt University have developed two ways to apply thin graphene sheets that make them super-hydrophobic or super-hydrophilic. These are called “carpet” and “brick”, this alternative arrangement makes the water beads incredibly thinner which is producing a waterproof fabric with extraordinary quality.

3) In the field of health:

Clothing that monitors the health of the patient is being made from the fiber that is made with graphene. The unique sensors in this garment are capable of capturing medical quality data from the body for use in health monitoring, preventive care, practice physiology, and weight loss.

4) Sports clothing:

Graphene-based sports clothing behaves according to the constant observation of various information and data on the body of the players. Simply put, enhancing the skills of the players is the job of this costume. NuMetrex company is successfully marketing this garment commercially.



Graphene is called an insane material and new research is being done all over the world by applying this material in different fields. If we want to make the textile and garments sector sustainable in our beloved homeland, then there is no alternative to moving from a basic product to a value-added product. In this case, graphene can be an excellent opinion for us.



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