Forms of Violence Against Women Exists in Bangladesh

Forms of Violence Against Women Exists in Bangladesh

The forms of violence against women is the manifestation of historically unequal power relations between men and women. This is violence against women but in Bangladesh; it is like other countries but due to social problems, the problems are not seen in the eyes of society.


Forms of violence against women:

Marital rape, rape, sexual harassment, sexual violence, diagnosis planning, honor killing; accusations of witchcraft, dowry violence, domestic violence, forced marriage; force-feeding, abuse related to son-preference, acid throwing, reproductive coercion; mob Violence, dating abuse, denial of medical care, stalking; human trafficking and forced prostitution, mistreatment of the widow, etc.


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Every day in Bangladesh, almost all of these violent incidents, are happening with women. In Bangladeshi society, such violence against women is due to social adversity. Wherever the Prime Minister of Bangladesh is a woman, such injustices often happen to women due to Violence against women. Most of these crimes are in rural areas, low-lying areas, and slums as a result, the girls cannot go out at night and in the case of girls’ jobs, they also face problems that make it difficult for them to do any work easily.

Violence against women is the most obvious gender-specific violation of human rights and is a form of discrimination against women. It enforces women’s subordination and patriarchal structure at all levels of society, leading to issues such as underestimation of women’s economic contributions.


Violence against women is not just part of the gender norm; However, gender policies are also created through violence against women and constitute the lower strata of women – economically, socially, culturally and politically, and sexually and enable them to further deny human rights in gender-specific ways, often at the hands of family members, men, and women.

The violence against women both reflects and determines the gendered social structure. That is why it is so important to take immediate action to challenge the economic, social, and cultural marginalization of women in Bangladesh, to build violence against women as a violation of human rights.


Md. Rabby Sharif Ador

Campus Co-ordinator 

Notre Dame University Bangladesh


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