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Study on Blowroom line | Objectives, Operations and Functions

Study on Blowroom line | Objectives, Operations and Functions

One of the most unfamiliar words come across while studying textiles is Blooroom Line. Many of us mistake blow room as a machine. Actually, blow room is not a single machine but a lineup of several machines. That’s why we call it to blow room line.


Basic Operations Involved in Blowroom

The basic operations can be categorized into 4 sections. Take a look at them –
Fiber Opening: Opening the compacted bales into small flocks. Then converting the cotton flocks into as tiny as possible. Flocks or the tufts weight is condensed to roughly 0.1 mg.

Fiber Cleaning: Elimination of dust, fragmented seeds, dry leaves, stems, and other external ingredients from the fibers.

Fiber Mixing or Blending: Same or different grades of fibers get mixed and blended all together to manufacture quality yarn and lessen the raw material cost.

Dust removal: Perforated drum or wall is used to remove dust. 

Objectives of Blowroom


1.To open the baled fiber into small tufts which allow foreign material to be separated from the fibers and prepare the material for easy carding.

2.To clean the fibers by removing the foreign matters as the waste.

3.To mix thoroughly the different component fibers of a mixing so as give a homogeneous blending.

4. To transfer the fibers in Carding Machine uniformly.



Machines used in Blowroom line 


Now we know blow room is a bunches of machine that perform the work of opening; cleaning, mixing/ blending, and dust removal. The number of machines in the blow room line differs from brand to brand. But their working principle is all the same. Trutzschler and Reiter are the most famous brand for blow room lines.



Flow Chart of Trutzschler Blowroom Line:


Blendomat BO

Precleaner CLP

Multimixer MPM

Fine Cleaner CLC

FFD (SP EP, Securo, Prop, Securomat)




Flow Chart of Rieter Blowroom Line


1. Unifloc (A -11)
(Bale opener)

2. Uniclean (B-12)

3. Unimix (B-75)
(Homogenous mixer)

4. Unistore (A-78)
(Storage and feeding machine)

5. Condenser (A- 21)

6. Card (C-60)

7. Sliver Coiler (CBA -4) 


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