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Best Fabric Glue and Best Fabric Adhesive to buy in 2024 | Top 5 |

Best Fabric Glue and Best Fabric Adhesive to buy in 2024 | Top 5 |

Best Fabric Glue and Best Fabric Adhesive to buy in 2022

Behind the Scene: On August 30, I was trying to make a special gift for someone really special using fabric. To accomplish my work I badly needed the best fabric glue and fabric adhesive.

However there were enormous brands providing numerous types of glues. Finding the best fabric glue/adhesive drove me insane: 😥  

That was the time I made a decision that I must share my findings with you on the best fabric adhesive so that it doesn’t fall in the same well.

Hold your horses.

Before jumping, make sure you have a clear cristal idea about fabric adhesive.


So what fabric glue actually is 🙄 ?


Fabric glue is an adhesive element that is specifically applied to fabrics in order to sew them without any needles or threads.

In simple words, fabric glues allow you to attach fabrics without a sewing machine.


Remember: Decide whether you need a permanent or temporary adhesive.

Permanent glues are ideal for projects that require durability; like repairing garments and upholstery.

Finished products bound with this type of adhesive will hold up to machine washing and regular wear, but won’t be as easy to take apart if you make a mistake.


On contrary, temporary glues can be repositioned and are easily washed out with soap and water.

These eliminate the need for pins during the initial stages of a sewing project, like quilt layouts or hem adjustments.

It’s also useful for positioning appliqués and patches before sewing them into place.

Think twice, before you buy.


Must Remember: Choosing the right glue also depends on the fabric you’re using.

If you’re working with leather, look for glues that are specifically designed for this particular material.

Costume makers who use embellishments like beads and sequins will want an adhesive that comes with a fine-tip applicator.

Some fabric glues are designed for textiles only. 

Completed reading?

Now it’s time to introduce our superheroes. : 😎 


Top 5 Best Permanent Fabric Glue Reviews

At a Glance



Best for Mending Burns and Fabric Tears
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1. Permatex 25247 Fabric Repair Kit 

It contains 7 cup fabric repairs comprised of different colors so that you can pick the appropriate color which matches gracefully with your upholstery.

Best for Persistent Use Even After Perpetual Wash
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2. Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive 

This Tear Mender fabric adhesive allows you to have a strong and consistent bond after 3 minutes of application.

This fabric glue dries quicker than the previous one and renders a seamless result.

Best for Stain-free Application
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3. Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive 

Once you apply it to your fabric, it doesn’t stain the fabric at all.

Instead, it dries up quickly without leaving a trace of any batches of adhesive.


Best for Fast Drying and Decorative Purpose
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4. Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue 

This glue plays a vital role in affixing beads, rhinestones, pearls, glitters, laces, and other adornments on your fabric.

Best for Temporary Trim Repairs
5. Dritz 401 Fabric Glue Stick 

If you are searching for a no sew fabric glue that is ideal for hems, positioning trims, and keeping the fabric folds aligned perfectly then your search has come to an end!



Findings on Best Fabric Glue 2022


1. Permatex 25247 Fabric Repair Kit, Single Unit


  • Item Weight: 1.44 ounces
  • Adhesive Strength: Strong
  • Drying Speed: 20 minutes


91tI8UDr6JL. AC SL350


Imagine your favorite dress exposed to an emergency and now it has small holes or burns on it.

In this crucial moment, what will you do?

Will you get a new one or just bear with the distress?

Do you know the fact, that you don’t need to invest a single penny neither you have to abandon your cloth!

Yes, you heard it right!


You can fix it with permatex fabric repair kit.

This fabric glue for clothes boasts a bundle of numerous features.

Initially, the adhesive contains 7 cup fabric repairs comprised of different colors so that you can pick the appropriate color which matches gracefully with your upholstery supplies.


Thus, this one can be regarded as the best glue for upholstery fabric and trim.

This is not all!

This fabric repair kit also distributes a screen applicator, a spatula for easy application, bottles for blending, and a guide to assist you with the color matching chart.

So, if you are panicking about the color combinations as in whether they will match the texture and patterns then let me assure you that permatex pledges to meet the popular color and textures!


In addition, it not only mends fabric but also automobile furniture (car seats) in various aspects within 20 minutes.

To regain the same density, color contrast, and permanency you will just need to apply it following the instruction manual and wait for 20 minutes.


No heat no harmful adhesive!

Your cloth will restore its essence in no time!

Moreover, once your fabric is repaired, the flawed area will become virtually invisible.

Thus, you can opt for this one for couch repair also.

Again, this fabric glue is cost-effective.

Meeting all your needs, this one becomes the first pick of today’s review.



                       Color availabilities

Dries fast

Strong adhesive

Great price

Fixes cigarette burns


The color matching can be tricky


2. Tear Mender Instant Fabric and Leather Adhesive, 6 Oz Bottle, TG06H


  • Item Weight: 6.7 ounces
  • Adhesive Strength: Superior
  • Drying Speed: 3 minutes


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In the second position, you have Tear Mender’s fabric adhesive which allows you to have a strong and consistent bond after 3 minutes of application.

This fabric glue dries quicker than the previous one and renders a seamless result.


Sometimes, when we put on glue our garments become stiff and the elasticity reduces even after washing the garment.

Here, tear mender ensures doing the opposite!

No matter how much you pile up the glue to make a stable bond it won’t minimize the flexibility and comfort of your fabric.

Again, if you don’t like to wear it before washing then after 15 minutes of drying you can machine wash it in medium settings.


Now, let’s talk about its environmental friendliness!

This fabric adhesive is UV resistant so that your skin can restrain UV radiation from direct sun exposure.

Moreover, the fabric glue can repair the leather upholstery of your household as well.

If you are stressing over its toxicity or harmful chemical properties then don’t worry more!


This fabric glue is made out of pure latex and thus having a non-toxic fabric glue is not a wonder anymore.

It’s wholly hassle-free.

You don’t require any heat press or ironing and to dissolve adhesive no solvent is needed either.



Appropriate for quick upholstery repairs including home decor, sport/marine gear, etc.
Nonsticky (won’t adhere to the surface)
Dries faster than ever
Easy and quick application


Dries white if not shaken properly before using


3. Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive, 4-Ounce (FT4D)


  • Item Weight: 4 ounces
  • Adhesive Strength: Moderate
  • Drying Speed: Within a minute


61LsDJ2M+pL. AC SL350


Now you have Beacon’s fabric glue which is widely known for its stain-free application and flawless results.

Once you apply it to your fabric, it doesn’t stain the fabric at all. Instead,

it dries up quickly without leaving a trace of any batches of adhesive.

Also when you apply the glue; it doesn’t stick to your fingertips.


Thus, you can apply it without any spatula or adhesive applicator. 

It can effectively fix an array of different materials rather than solely focusing on fabrics.

For instance, you can repair broken glass by putting it on the split edges and merging them later when the glue is penetrated properly.

And yes you can use this fabric glue for hemming as well, but remember it wouldn’t be as strong as sewing.


Also, you can wash it after application like always and style it the way you want after drying.

If you don’t have a washing machine you can also wash it in the regular conventional method.

Just make sure that you don’t use any strong detergent or acidic cleanser and avoid dry cleaning if possible otherwise the permanency of your fabric bond will be diminished.


Available in different sizes of dispensers (2 oz, 4 oz, and 8 oz)
deal for lace and leather application
Doesn’t steep into fabrics
Residue-free operation every time
No-heat needed
Toxicity free


Not suitable for dry cleaning


4. Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue


  • Item Weight: 4 ounce
  • Adhesive Strength: Superior
  • Drying Speed: 30 seconds


61QQKNf2pGL. AC SL350



If you are familiar with fabric repair tapes, then there’s no chance that you haven’t come across Aleen’s exclusive craft range.

The manufacturers of Aleen claim to provide the best quick-fix needlework alternatives at a low cost.

And luckily, they honor their claims!


This glue plays a vital role in affixing beads, rhinestones, pearls, glitters, laces, and other adornments on your fabric.

if you want to add some aesthetics to it then you can style it up with some pearls or laces, thanks to this best glue for t-shirts and shirts.


It dries within 30 seconds.

On top of that, this fabric glue behaves exactly the same as it summons.

“Clear,” that’s right!


It provides a clear and transparent application so that it doesn’t dry white or leave any traces.

Hence, you can highlight your dresses without having to worry about anyone’s glare.

This one easily takes the crown of being the best clear fabric glue by a long shot.


Comes in a squeezable bottle to decorate fabric
Premium quality yet budget-friendly
Dries faster than most of the trending glues
Multi-purpose use such as dance costumes
Machine washable bonds
Able to personalize the size of the bottle opening


Might not be ideal for felt


5. Dritz 401 Fabric Glue Stick


  • Item Weight: 0.28 ounce
  • Adhesive Strength: Average
  • Drying Speed: One to two minutes



Now last but not least fabric glue comes!

If you are searching for a fabric glue that is ideal for hems, positioning trims, and keeping the fabric folds aligned perfectly then your search has come to an end! 

With this best glue for jeans, you can attach all the patches you want to spruce up those denim jackets or pants.

From now on, you can use Dritz fabric glue for these instant momentary mends.


Also, the water solubility of this temporary fabric glue allows you to wash off the remnants of the applied glue whenever you want.

But as it’s water-soluble you better not get in contact with moisture or too much heat as long as you prefer to retain the permanency.


No wonder, it’s temporary but it saves up your time and cuts short half of your labor.

Because when you try to do hems for your pants or long stitching the folding part becomes notoriously tight as well as sewing begs lots of time and focus.


Also, this glue is free from any sort of acid or toxic elements.

As many fabric types of glue aren’t environment friendly, it’s important to use non-toxic fabric glue like this which doesn’t menace your health.



Allows basting seams
Repairs hems and zippers
Places ribbons, laces and appliques ideally
Easy glue-stick application
Appropriate size container with ample supply of glue (H x L x W- 0.9 inches x 5.7 inches x 1.8 inches)


A big no for heavy fabrics


Consider Before Buying Fabric Glue


I hope you have got the perfect fabric adhesive you are looking for.

But to be more clear let’s have a glance over this buying guide to help you shop for the best fabric glue.


Glue Type


First of all, there are many types of glue available on the market. But here you can’t just conjecture what can be the best adhesive for fabric.This means, there are glues that can help you to fix your fabrics or provide you a temporary bond that isn’t even fabric adhesive but something typical.

For instance, tacky glues somehow work on your fabric in many aspects.

But you can’t rely on them.


In fact, you shouldn’t count on any adhesive except the one which is specially crafted for fabrics.

Because a fabric glue for polyester may not work well on natural fabrics. That’s simple.

A fabric glue treats the fabric righteously; exactly how it should be treated!

So be choosy. 😀 


Drying Time


Make sure that you inspect the drying speed or how long it takes to get dried before buying.

For instance, if you want quick and instant mend then choosing a glue that dries faster is ideal for you.


In contrast, if time isn’t an issue for you but you want a strong and permanent bond then choosing an adhesive that takes time but adheres to your cloth firmly will be suitable.


In the outlined review list, you have fabric adhesives that dry up in a couple of seconds and also there are some which take minutes while ensuring solidity.


Most important: The Quality


Quality refers to the drying quality of your fabric adhesive.

There are glues that dry up white and stain your cloth by absorbing it while applying.


Hence, when you are done applying it, it may provide you with the strongest fabric glue bond but the whitish appearance will cause a distraction to the originality of your cloth.

I’m sure this is the last thing you will want.


Thus, always choose an adhesive that provides you with a see-through result.




It’s crucial to choose a fabric glue with a consistent texture.

If it’s excessively thick or watery it won’t provide you with a pleasant result.


For instance, if you choose something that has a thick texture it might hinder the flexibility and feel claustrophobic when you wear the garment after mending.


In opposition to that when you choose a watery texture on a garment it fails to channel a permanent bond.

So make sure the texture of your fabric glue is well balanced. 




Evaluating the strength of your fabric adhesive is crucial.

Now, there are different ranges of stickiness in the world of fabric glue. For instance, some adhesives are referred to as super glues which provide supreme strength, and these are known as the best industrial fabric glue.


On the flip side, some glues are not that strong like super glues or industrial strength glue but give you a competent result eventually.

Now, which one is good for you?

Well, to confirm these perplexes you need to consider the choices you have made.


Because if the garment requires a bond that can undergo persistent wash or stays in close contact with wear and tear then choosing a glue with superior strength will be ideal.

Elsewise, if you need something for your decorative projects then having glue with less reinforcement will be fine.


Price and Variants


Now comes consideration of the second God; money!

Always try to stick to the ones which not only looks lucrative but also meet the required attributes.


Sometimes you latch on to something which looks flashy or which was advertised with intense hype and mostly bluff!

Hence do your own research, and compare quantity with the cost.


Because these are just like those nitrogen-filled chip packets which make it look buffed up but when you open them, it shrinks.


Similarly, some packaging of fabric glues appears to be filled from top to bottom but in reality, the quantity is very less compared to its price.

Also, some might dry up due to discontinuation of usage.


In these cases, buy fabric glues with a suitable quantity that meets your requirement instead of stacking up a bunch of glues or a large package.

Be it pricy or cheap focus on the quality that ensures a strong bond without causing you any loss.

Oh! Always opt for customizable tips. Those will allow you to control how much glue you want to apply.


Environment Friendliness


Lastly, check on the environment’s friendliness as you are using it for household mending purposes. Mostly when you are hoping to mend a fabric that is exposed to your skin it is bound to be safe and acid-free.

Otherwise, it can cause chronic health hazards.


So, make sure you always inspect its packaging labels that say “non-toxic” or “acid-free” to ensure it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.




There is no wonder, that the best permanent fabric glue plays a significant role as a stitching alternative and saves your time as well.

Thus, having fabric glue in your toolbox won’t be a bad idea!

Sometimes, little thing saves a life. I hope the best fabric glue helps you eliminate your trouble.

Don’t waste your time and get the best glue for clothes right away!


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