The Second Coming: A Prophecy Fulfilled
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The Second Coming: A Prophecy Fulfilled

The Second Coming by William Butler

The Epidemic COVID – 19 turns up as the devastation and seems “The Rough Beast” of The Second Coming” poem, written by William Butler Yeats and the prophecy might have been fulfilled.

The Second Coming by William Butler

The poem ‘The Second Coming’ was authorized by William Butler Yeats who was a modernist; but not always. He was a romantic and political poet. His writings include mysticism. Definitely, William Butler Yeats’s “The Second Coming” prognosticates the upcoming calamity that will devastate the order of human civilization. In the poem that dictates some revelations due to those reasons that the ceremony of innocence is drowned; and the everywhere blood-dimmed tide is loosed. The poem mentions ‘a rough beast’ that would arrive to suppress the civilization, and the civilization would be re-created with peace; and the epidemic COVID-19 can be prudently compared as a rough beast that is going to bring the similar catastrophe.
In the first place, the speaker of the poem says in the first stanza that

“Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

Are some significant lines. In the present world human being lost humanity, and people are not supposed to give responses to humanity. All altruistic things are fallen apart; and that center can’t hold. Moreover, people became ferocious, violent. They also became vindictive, selfish, and betrayal. People are jeopardizing each other with or; without reason. The peace is drowned, and men are fighting and killing themselves; harming nature, and everywhere blood the dimmed tide is loosed. The mere anarchy incubated in the world.

The Second Coming: A Prophecy Fulfilled

In the second place, just because of human cruelty; and as the result of their cruel behaves and works; the speaker of the poem could hear the revelation of ‘The Second Coming’. The speaker prophesized the upcoming arrival of ‘a rough beast’ that will wake up from its twenty centuries of stony sleep; It will vex the humans by seeming the nightmare of the human being. That beat would have the shape of a lion body; and the head of a human that mentioned in the poem. The darkness would drop; and it would devastate the order of human civilization; and that will be recreated holding with eternal peace. That beast is surely an anti-Christ that would bring a catastrophe. Its appearance place would be Bethlehem.
Lastly, as the result of jeopardizing the nature, and just because of the nature, animals, and other creations of creator got annoyed by humans, the epidemic COVID-19 has incubated as the result of those. People’s inhumanity;and cruelty have brought this “rough beast” as the form of the epidemic; that is killing millions of lives around the world, and this catastrophe is not stopping yet. If it goes on the same way, surely the human civilization would be devastated.
The epidemic COVID-19 is a contagious disease that kills the human lives, and no vaccines are invented to get spare of the epidemic. There is nothing to do except praying to Almighty God. If he wants, we must get rid of it. And that epidemic can be definitely considered as ‘a rough beast’; of William Butler Yeats’s ‘The Second Coming’ that is now brought such kinds of Catastrophe.

Author: Avijit Chakrabarty Pritam.

Notre Dame University Bangladesh.

Department: English Literature.

Member of “ARE Writers Community”.

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