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Poplin Fabric Construction, Properties and Uses

Poplin Fabric Construction, Properties and Uses

The world of textile has opened doors of innovation, creativity, comfort and variety for the designers and garment houses. In this post; we will discuss Construction, properties and uses of Poplin Fabric.

What is Poplin Fabric?

Poplin is made with the plain weave. Poplin describes the weave rather than the fabric. Poplin has very fine, closely spaced, crosswise ribs and contains a heavier filling yarn and several number of warp yarns.

So when the manufacturers mention poplin shirts, it is a reference to the kind of weave in the shirt and not fabric. It mostly includes the cotton weave and this weave renders the fabric with sturdiness. The poplin is similar to broadcloth, which also has fine and close spaced ribs.

Construction of Poplin Fabrics


Earlier poplin was made with silk yarn warp with heavier filling of wool, but today cotton and synthetic yarns are also used to create poplin fabric.

This fabric is used for shirts, lowers or pyjamas, women’s wear including dresses and tops, sportswear, rich upholstery and also as a fabric in decorative items like frames and wall hangings. Poplin fabric is easy to maintain and does not wrinkle easily.In comparison to several rich fabrics, the poplin fabric is reasonably priced, which has made it a preferred choice of designers and garment manufacturers.

This fabric is produced everywhere around the world, however, the preference of blends depend on the natives of a nation.

In countries where the temperature is on cooler side, heavier yarns like silk and wool are used in poplin fabric to produce heavy winter clothing including overcoats and warm lowers.

Properties and Uses

The poplin fabric has a very smooth finish, which is attained by one by one crossing of warp and weft yarns, thus imparting the fabric with a smooth hand feel and an even surface.

Many designers incorporate poplin in making clothing required for regular wear, as poplin is durable, strong and easy to maintain. It is one of the top choices for making team uniforms, as it has an unmatched elegance and is also not highly priced.

Polyester poplin is popular in countries like USA, Europe. These countries are also selling good quality organic poplin.

In countries like India, Bangladesh cotton Poplin is all the rage among the consumers and designers. Cotton poplin feels light, cool and crisp against the skin and the traditional weave allows skin to breathe easily, making it a perfect choice for summers.

Maintenance of  poplin fabrics

Poplin is a relatively low maintenance fabric. Poplin clothing typically does not need to be dry-cleaned. Wash poplin clothing according to the care instructions.

Does poplin wrinkle?

Poplin is naturally wrinkle-resistant. A light steam or low tumble dry is enough to smooth it out.

Is poplin easy to clean?

Poplin does not stain easily and if it’s 100% cotton, it will also release odors well in the wash. 


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