What is Textile ? Defining Textile from Stone age to Civilization

  Defining Textile from Stone age to Civilization

Do you know, What is Textile? In this blog post, we are going to describe Textile from Stone-age to Civilization

Introduction to Textiles


People are using natural resources from time immemorial. In stone age, people used to cover their bodies with leaves. Then they started using the skin of the dead animals. From there; the idea of textile started to grow up.

Do you know; how they used to stitch their cloth? Leave your opinion in the comment section.

What is Textile


The word Textile came from the Latin word Textilis. It means to weave. In ancient times, the word textiles originally applied only to woven fabrics. But those days have gone now.

Textile is now a gradual term applied to any manufacture from fibers, filaments, or yarns; characterized by flexibility, fineness, high ratio of length to thickness. Thus, threads, cords, ropes, braids, lace, embroidery, nets, and fabrics made by weaving, knitting, bonding, felting, or tufting are textiles.

According to scientists, the first clothes were worn at least 70000 years ago and perhaps much earlier.

Do you know, the oldest existing example of textiles was found in south Asia and it called the Banton Burial cloth.

Textile and Fabrics


Usually, people think Fabrics and Textiles are the same things. But there is a huge difference between them. 

Textile is a broader term applied to the entire clothing industry. Textiles can be made from fiber, yarn or fabric, or any of their combination.

Where Fabric is a general term used for clothing. Fabric is a piece of cloth used for making dresses. 

Remember, All fabrics are Textiles but All Textiles are not Fabrics.




From the above discussion, we can say, Textiles can also be defined as follows –


  • Any product manufactured by weaving, knitting, or felting.
  • Any kind of raw material like fiber or yarn, suitable for weaving.
  • Anything is related to fabrics or producing of fabrics.
  • The fundamental component of ready-made garments.
  • A finished piece of cloth used for a specific purpose.
  • Any kind of material composed of natural or synthetic fiber.


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