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Woven Fabric Sector in Bangladesh

Every textile engineer knows about woven fabric. In this article; we will discuss opportunities of woven fabric sector in Bangladesh.


The process by which we make the woven fabric is called the weaving process. Mainly, we used this process after getting yarn. This process produces woven fabric such as shirt, pant, bed cover, Sharee, etc.  

Woven Fabric Sector in Bangladesh


Once upon a time, the woven sector of Bangladesh was in the leading position. In the previous year 2017-2018,  the export value of woven fabric was 50.39% and which was 15426.25 million $ of the total worth. But now, the woven sector had seen negative growth in major export destinations like Germany and the US.


Opportunities of Woven Fabric Sector in Bangladesh


The government has set a goal to achieve 50 billion total exports by 2021. There is a big demand for woven fabric approximately 3 billion meters considering the current consumption for export per year.  But local mills can produce 45 million meters of fabric which is around 14-15% of demand.
Bangladesh is spending almost 4 billion $ on import fabric. So, we can say there is a huge gap in the demand and supply of woven fabric.
This article is showing you the calculation and how big opportunities we have in the woven sector. Here I’m giving a shortlist of the factories whereas produce woven fabric products such as,


  • AB Textiles Mills (BD.) Ltd.
  • Euro Bangla group 
  •  Greenway Resources 
  •  3ntextiles
  • Prime Tex International 


The calculation is given from Textile Today
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