What is Customer Engagement Marketing?

What is Customer Engagement Marketing?

Customer engagement marketing or consumer engagement marketing refers to making the brand a meaningful part of consumers’ conversations and lives by fostering direct and continuous customer involvement in shaping brand conversations, experiences, and community.

Customer engagement marketing combines the strategies, processes, and tactics brands use to connect effectively with their customers across every touchpoint and every channel.


What is Customer Engagement Marketing?

Customer engagement marketing is defined as a marketing strategy that focuses on increasing the level of engagement customers have with your brand by providing personalized messages and interacting with customers across whichever channels they prefer.

How customer engagement marketing benefits businesses


Build trusting relationships with your customers

Technology might have made it easier for us to reach our customers, but in a saturated, competition-heavy market, the reality is that many brands are further from their customers than ever before.

With customer engagement marketing, you can get your brand messaging heard while building meaningful relationships with your customers.


Foster long-lasting brand loyalty

With increasing Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and product manufacturing costs, it’s no longer enough for brands to focus on cold traffic acquisition and hope customers will return.

By focusing on customer engagement marketing and targeting customers with personalized content, you make them feel important and demonstrate that you know them as individuals.

By doing this, you can start to foster the kind of long-lasting loyalty that increases retention and customer lifetime value (CLTV). 


Learn more about your target audience 

Data is the powerhouse of modern marketing. With it, brands can create and deploy data-driven marketing strategies with full confidence that their efforts will resonate with their target market. Without it, they’re shooting in the dark. 


Identify valuable opportunities to increase CLTV

The more you learn about your target audience — and the more loyalty you generate — the easier it will be to increase your CLTV. 

That’s because, as you form deeper relationships and earn your customer’s trust, they’ll be more likely to choose your products over competitor alternatives.

Then, as you continue to accrue greater amounts of customer sales and behavioral data, you’ll be able to discern valuable upsell and cross-sell opportunities. 

Why Brand Needs a Customer Engagement Platform?

A customer engagement platform eliminates data silos, unifies customer data, and drives customer engagement.

Having a product, customer interaction, and other data integrated into one single platform gives you a single view of the customer and provides you with the metrics, segments, variables, and analytics that are most relevant to your business. 

Keep in mind, certain platforms can help you apply business knowledge to your data and allow you to unlock your growth potential across channels to scale your business.

So if your goal is to deliver predictable, profitable outcomes for your business, investing in a customer engagement platform is essential.



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