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Biodegradable Poly Bags are capable of being broken down (decomposed) rapidly by the action of microorganisms.

Biodegradable Poly Bags

A Bangladeshi company is producing biodegradable packaging from an unlikely source material — corn or maze — with the aim of offering a suitable alternative to polythene bags; which survive in the soil for several hundred years and leave devastating impacts on the environment.
Expo Accessories Ltd has initially targeted Bangladesh’s garment industry and supplies the bags to 30 factories, said Md Enamul Haque, its managing director.
At present, Expo Accessories produces around 300,000 bags every day; but it has the potential to manufacture 800,000 pieces, he said.

The factory is located at Kamarpara in Gazipur.
The thickness of the bags made from corn is 20 microns, which is less than most of the polythene bags available in the market.
“We are now making bags only for garment factories in Bangladesh; the minimum price of a bag is 5-6 cent [approximately Tk 4-5]. But we are planning mass-scale production; eyeing the local market,” he said.
Expo Accessories began manufacturing in 2014 and collects the raw material — the corn fibre — from India. The bags now come in three colors: white, black, and green.

Necessity of

Biodegradable Poly Bags

Polythene bags were banned in Bangladesh in 2002.
Quazi Sarwar Imtiaz Hashmi, former additional director-general of the Department of Environment; said they have tested the bag in the lab and found that; it does not have any polythene materials and is biodegradable and compostable.
“It is a positive gesture of the buyers and producers who are using the bag. We are encouraging them to popularise it in the local market.”
According to experts, non-biodegradable bags take a few hundred years to break down; and they remain in nature like a hostile alien, clog sewers; prevent air from entering soil and water.

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