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Amazing Facts of Banana Fiber 

Banana Fiber Production | Properties & Uses | Amazing Facts of Banana Fiber 
We all know about the banana. But many of us don’t know that we can make fiber from the banana plant. Natural fibers present important advantages such as low density; appropriate stiffness and mechanical properties, and high disability and renewability. Moreover, they are recyclable and biodegradable.
Banana Fiber There has been a lot of research on the use of natural fibers in reinforcements.  Let’s see some amazing facts about banana fiber.

Banana Fiber Amazing Facts

1. Appearance of banana fiber is similar to that of bamboo fiber and ramie fiber, but its fineness and spinnability are better than the two.
2. The chemical composition of banana fiber is cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin.
3. It is a highly strong fiber.
4. It has a somewhat shiny appearance depending upon the extraction & spinning process.
5. It is lightweight.
6. It is biodegradable and has no negative effect on the environment; and thus can be categorized as eco-friendly fiber.
7. It can be spun through almost all the methods of spinning including ring spinning, open-end spinning, bast fiber spinning, and semi-worsted spinning among others.
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