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Argentella Lace Fabric

Argentella Lace Fabric is a type of needle lace derived from Argentan lace, with a Rosacé ground, a “striking ground of tiny webs.”

Argentella: A French needle lace made also at Abbisola in Italy. Developed from Argentan with Rosacé ground.

Argentella. A name given to a lace made in Genoa [Italy], but worked much like [the French] Point d’Alençon.

argentella lace[:] An early, white needlepoint lace made in Italy. Similar to the Alençon lace, but made with flat cordonnet. The patterns are delicate and spread over a net ground with small dots at the corners.

Argentella. …a variant of point d’Alençon, which has a large mesh with a six-sided dot in the centre. This dotted réseau is known as fond de neige, and œil de perdrix, also as réseau rosaceé.

Argentella Lace Fabric


 This elaborate and delicate border fragment of Argentella needle lace from the early 18th century is made of fine linen thread. There is a great deal of raised work with picots added as embellishment.
Argentella (overall production method/technique)
linen (overall material)
needle lace, argentella (overall production method/technique)

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