What is a Smart Rope | Innovation of Smart Textile |

What is a Smart Rope | Innovation of Smart Textile |

Smart Rope | Innovation of Smart Textile |

Smart Textile is spreading in every sector very rapidly. Smart Rope is a gym instrument. It tracks our work out activity. It has added a new era for the fitness lover. The rope has many features.

The Smart Rope is thicker than standard ropes and takes some getting used to. The added thickness is due to 23 white LEDs spaced out along the middle. These LEDs glow each time you jump, adjusting their intensity and on/off status mid-jump to produce a 3-digit jump counter while the rope is moving downwards. This works regardless of your rhythm’s consistency as built-in sensors adjust the LED pattern based on the rope’s current speed. Only consecutive jumps are recorded and the count resets itself if the rope is idle for a short while

The contents of the Smart Rope’s box are sparse – you get the rope itself along with documentation that explains how to use it and the Smart Gym companion app. A rechargeable battery is built into one of the handles and lasts for 48 hours of skipping. You charge it via micro USB cable but don’t get one with your purchase.


 Smart Rope Overall Performance


The Smart Rope feels a little heavy and clunky due to its thicker cord. The handles are ergonomic, come in three colors, and can be replaced by silicone alternatives for an even better grip. Skipping starts to feel more natural quickly, especially if you do it barefoot or in ordinary sneakers.

The rope falls flat when it comes to its main selling point though. It’s hard to make out the LED score and you have to be looking up or down for best visibility. Speaking of which, the lights are dim and completely invisible in the sunshine or a well-lit gym. You’ll want to use the Smart Rope in gloomy surroundings for the best results.

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