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Unknown Facts of Silk Fiber

Top 17 Unknown Facts of Silk Fiber

Silk is a fibroin made of proteins secreted in the fluid state as a single filament by a caterpillar, popularly known as ‘silkworm’. We will discuss the most Unknown Facts of Silk Fiber in this article.


Let’s know something Interesting:-


1. Silk originates in Ancient China. The first known example of silk dates back to 3630 BC.

2. Silk was reputedly discovered in a cup of tea. (click to read the full story)

3. A silk rope is stronger than an equally thick metal wire.

4. Mosquitoes are unable to penetrate silk. So silk can protect you from pesky mosquitoes!

5.  Ancient Chinese people used silk bolt as money.

6. Locals in China eat Silkworm.

7. There is only one person who knows how to craft sea silk.

8. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is said to cause a delay in a person getting wrinkles because of the essential amino acids in silk bedding. (you are reading unknown facts of silk fiber)

9. Silk is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Its a naturally self-adjusting fabric.

10. Four to eight of the silk filaments are twisted together to obtain one strand of silk thread.

Unknown Facts of Silk Fiber


11. Silk has a lower density compared to cotton.

12. Doctors recommend Silk bedding for people who suffer from dust mite allergies.

13. Wild silkworms are still able to produce high-quality silk even without a controlled diet.

14. A silkworm’s weight multiplies by 10,000 from the time it is hatched to the time it reaches 1 month.

15. The official term for silk production is “sericulture”.

16. It takes around 30,000 silkworms to produce 12 pounds of raw silk.

17. It sounds like rainfall  on a roof  of silkworms munching the chopped mulberry leaves

Author: Asif Hossain

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