The Poem, None Other Than Truth
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The Poem, None Other Than Truth

The Poem, None Other Than Truth

The Poem, None Other Than Truth

  • Avijit Chakrabarty Pritam.

Nobody is supposed to compromise,

Nobody is supposed to except truth;

Nobody can be silent,

Nobody is supposed to surrender him or, herself to truth.

Everybody has to defend him or, herself,

In spite of being even wrong.

Defense through words,

Defense through works;

Absurd defense against truth.

Where is the immense power of truth?

It is neither poetic truth,

Nor artist truth;

Nor even political truth.

It is the truth as universal,

Of its own weapon,

Of its own defense.

Truth will arrive once,

That will uproot the false,

From its root.

Name: Avijit Chakrabarty Pritam

Profession: Student.

Dept. of English Literature.

Institution: Notre Dame University Bangladesh.

Member of “ARE Writers Community”

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