The Pandemic COVID-19 & Boredom Life

The Pandemic COVID-19 & Boredom Life

The Pandemic COVID-19 & Boredom Life

Utilizing the lock-down period in a very efficient and effective way could supersede the stresses, boredom, anxieties and as well as the mental instability.

The days of the planet as well as the time span were going quite well. The situation was still acceptable despite of having the conflicts and jeopardizing habits that humans have, and the situations were still considerable still whereas there are a bit amount of peace accessible, honest people existing, and there are remaining humanity, virtues and religious belief as well. But such inauspicious portion of the night turns up on the earth in the devastating form of COVID-19, is the threat for the lives of billions.

The Pandemic COVID-19 & Boredom Life

Introduction to COVID-19:

COVID-19, an epidemic emerged into this world, is the threat for the human being’s existence and also the pandemic concern.

Corona viruses are a family of RNA (ribonucleic acid) viruses; and derived the name from Latin Corona, meaning “crown” in public mind that exhibits characteristic “Corona” (crown) of spike proteins around Its lipid envelop, have definitely the certainty of spreading to animals as well as human Beings.  

This devastating pandemic as well as the contagious disease has been spread almost all over the world after being incubated from China. And the rest of the countries are very nearly close to get affected by the epidemic COVID-19.

An enormous amount of people is getting death during each and every day that consisting of 24 hours. No authentic vaccines are invented yet. So, the pandemic turns up as the social, medical and economic crisis. Lock-down periods are extending in many regions. A few regions are found at where the lock-down period is maintaining strictly, and it is not maintaining properly in the most of the countries actually. Citizens are not going to tolerate the failure of governments much. Civil antagonism is being raised or, commenced. The failures don’t sound well to them on repetitive ways. The question is form all —

“How will be this pandemic play out amidst the growing international radicalization?”

The lock down period has been associated by the governments in general, at the majority of regions because of the spreading concern of the epidemic that snatching many lives by force. It is such kinds of calamity for that many opportunities are lost, many hopes are drowned, all kinds of earning resources are lost and the educational, business, and all kinds of public service institutions are still remaining closed. People are facing food problems; medical problems and the major is the financial problem as well as because of the income got closed. Students would face off the session jams, dangerous poverty is coming very soon, huge ones lost their job and became destitute and even it would happen that once jobs would be the “Golden Deer” for each person. And how much troubles and difficulties are on the way to come, nobody can actually imagine at all. As it is said that many people became jobless and a huge number of people are getting half-salary or, even less than that.

Due to those reasons and many more facts, a huge number of people are getting distressed and depressed. The obsession is working upon the people. They are facing anxieties, mental instability, fierce and boredom ad well. Also due to the circumstances, people are thinking about what to be done by themselves because of having no important concerned works, they all are confined into the house. People are passing their times without doing anything or, important concerned works, rather they could do many down earths concerned activities which are altruistic for all actually.  And actually, the pandemic would not last long forever in the planet. Again, the earth will get the recovery, eternal peace, and seem altruistic for all people.  Once we must get spared from the elusive and devastating epidemic. And once it happens, a bunch of positive as well as blissful opportunities would appear to the near of earth people. Opportunities never come at doors by knocking. But the regarding questions are raised-

“Will the people be able to utilize the opportunities? Are they deliberately prepared enough or, even ready for the days?” To achieve these altruistic and blissful things, people are supposed to be prepared and build-up themselves, and as well as they are required to get ready for that.

Utilizing the lock down period in very effective and efficient ways:

There are a huge amount of things which are not only proper useful for people, but also these could supersede the boredom, anxieties, mental instability as well.

First of all, students can start studying their relevant study syllabus whereas they are enrolled themselves in online education system. Doing that properly would give themselves a better result.

They should find out the lickings that they have, and they are supposed to make the recovery as well. Besides learning many extra knowledge from many sources will give them perfection, and better positions and jobs as well in the upcoming future. They can get themselves busy in learning and learning. The anxieties or, boredom would never even touch themselves at all. Besides, they can do physical exercise for keeping themselves fit and healthy. They can help family members by helping them in many ways by working household activities. They boredom will definitely escape away from people’s life.

Other people can do a many of those things which are recommended for students. People can watch TV, movies which are fulfill of positive learning. But these cannot be turned over as addiction. They can read novels, drama, fictions, magazine, newspapers to get the knowledge.  Their time would be passed in a very positive way. Women as well as men should try cooking many dishes. Parents should give much times to the Children, and should teach study lessons as well. People who get the rich mind of practicing and singing songs, they are recommended to do that. Other people can listen audio songs whereas it energizes us. They can do gardening which would remove the boredom and bring the mental peace. Our so many neighbors are getting affected by COVID-19, every now and then. It is our higher responsibilities to something for themselves by maintaining the social distance. We can provide medicines, foods and necessary things as well. The time will pass in a very good way rather than getting boredom. We young generation can start such step that launching funds and go out with having the COVID protection Kit, social distance and then we should help the poor people by providing medicines, foods and necessary things.  Doing such kinds of things would be very well initiative. Besides, they can go out to announce about the awareness, that is COVID-19 concerned. We can commence or, start online business or, online based jobs which are accessible now-a-days due to the pandemic concern. Not only these will be better experience, self-learning for thyself, but also that will be helpful to the family finance. People who have the interest in drawing, painting or, fine art; they can do so. Their time will be utilized in a very positive way, and there will be no boredom feelings. Most important thing is, doing that work will develop their skills.  People who got the enthusiasm on gardening, they can do so or, start doing that. That regarding work will definitely give the mental pleasure and peace.

People can start studying Russian revolution, French Revolution, history of world war-I, history of world war- II, socialism, communism, science fictions, the invention of modern science, different typical history of the own country and others of world, different languages, literature, political history of Nation and emergence of own and other nations, culture of different regions and etc. There are no limits, no ends of the learning contexts and knowledge. Knowing and learning those things would develop increase knowledge and make people wise enough.

They can also start learning technical works such as Graphics design, coding and programming, web-page designing, Photoshop works, MS word, Excel, Power point presentations etc. They should never forget to learn the English language properly whereas it has the most necessity in each and every sector as well as step of entire life. Then can learn Spoken English, phonetics, and other technical courses, which are available and accessible through online due to the pandemic concern. By learning this kind of things would give people perfection and people will be able to develop themselves enormously. If people start getting enrolled in doing these such down to earth activities, they are on the way to get the blissful, altruistic lives. There will be no way to feel bore or, even feel boredom life.

On the other hand, people can get themselves enrolled in doing prayers to the Almighty God. They should always be engaged in prayers, Namaz and Puja. They can recite their holy treatises to know the religion well, and they should learn the learning lessons, moral virtues from there. Their mind and soul must be fulfilled with devotion. They must be devoted to Almighty God. Definitely, the golden days, blissful times will appear soon.

People can play less virtual games and more versatile games with partners. The preferable games could be chess, Ludo, Carrom board etc.

People should give much times to the family members for building up healthy family relationship and mental adjustment as well. That will never allow to let boredom come in life at all. Actually, people are supposed to buckle down, and they should engage themselves in doing positive works.

The Pandemic COVID-19 & Boredom Life


The pandemic as well as the epidemic COVID-19 that emerged as the inauspicious potion of the night to the earth, which nobody had any or, could even think of it actually. That is the calamity which is devastating the all hopes, human being’s life and turns up the incessant threat to the human being’s existence. We people cannot do anything except praying to the Almighty God. By the grace of Almighty, once we definitely would get rid of the pandemic. Again, the earth would get the proper liveliness and eternal peace, at where no conflicts would remain at all. Once again, we will be able to start our journey in a good way with having endeavor or, pathos. May Almighty return us the previous golden days! May Almighty pardon us! These are the prayers from earthling human being. Meanwhile, we are supposed to start, and also need to follow the recommendations, which are mentioned and illustrated above for getting rid of the distress, depression, obsession, anxieties, and mental instabilities and boredom also.

 The world is too much with us; late and soon,Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers; – “


Author: Avijit Chakrabarty Pritam.

Institution: Notre Dame University Bangladesh.

Department: English Literature.

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