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The Experience

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“The Experience”

                                                               Avijit Chakrabarty Pritam

Experience is such that makes us stronger;
Experience helps us to grow much stronger.

Experience provides learnings, awareness and warnings as well.
Experience is such that sometimes it’s taste and impact seem sweet, but

sometimes worsen.

The journey of getting experiences begins from tender age; it finishes

with the journey of death.

Experience provides the understanding of bitter truth and reality.
I saw many experienced persons, providing their experiences with


But how much people got the realization?
Until they face the situations of bitter truth and reality.

Life is full of experiences;
Life is the journey of experiences.

Bitter experiences change people who were never supposed to be


Is “Experience” a word? Or,

Something as realization is gotten after facing off situations?

What is it for you?

How much have you been experienced? Or,

Unfortunately, you never sought of learnings from bitter past or,


I firmly believe that facing off many worst situations, receiving no
learnings, executing same mistakes, and naming that “experience” is not

actually “experience”.

True experience never does the same repetitions or, executions.
Though, there are no limits of getting experiences;
Experience exists in every phases of life.
You might have seen many things by your sight;
What have you understood or, realized?

Your colorful spectacles don’t allow you to get the both.
Once experience will provide you the understanding of reality, and

provide you the realization.
Go onward to pursue experience;
Never forget to achieve learnings.
Here, comes the poetry of experience.
Experiences are there –

“The Road Not Taken” &; “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by

Robert Frost.

Experiences are found in the masterpieces and sonnets by Shakespeare.
Experiences are in “The Songs of Experience”, by William Blake.
Experiences are found in the poetry of Wordsworth, R. Browning, M.
Arnold, Yeats, Shelley, Tennyson, Andrew Marvell, Samuel Taylor
Coleridge, J. Donne, J. Keats, Milton, Alexander Pope.

Experiences are found in all poetry, from The Anglo – Saxon Period to

The Post-Modern Period of English Literature.
“Poetry is the Criticism of life,”

“Literature is the artistic representation of life.”
Poetry is the major Genre of literature.
And experience is the part of literature,
Experience is the part of poetry;

Experiences are expressed in the guise of Poetry,
Experiences are expressed in every genre of literature.


Author: Avijit Chakrabarty Pritam

 Notre Dame University Bangladesh.

Department: English Language and Literature

Member of “ARE Writers Community”

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