Spoon that Cool down or Warm-up Your Food by SPOONY

Spoon-Cool or Warm Your Food

Speech of the Designer

The idea came up when trying to feed the kids. Mommy was out and it was my responsibility to feed these 3 monsters. I had just prepared my “special” soup when they all whined about it being too hot for them. I was about to tell them to blow on the food when I remembered from my parents that blowing on your food wasn’t proper both because it was rude to do so as well as unhealthy. When you blow out, your body releases Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO). Any meal has an abundant quantity of water in it and especially if its liquids like soup, pasta sauce, etc.,

Spoon that Cool down or Warm-up Your Food by SPOONY

Spoon that Cool down or Warm-up Your Food by SPOONY

The Carbon dioxide released reacts with water (H2O) particles in the food, resulting in the formation of Carbonic acid (H2CO3). The Carbon monoxide by itself is poisonous. So when you take food after blowing on it, you tend to take more amount of Carbonic acid and the unwanted Carbon Monoxide. This will upset the acid/alkali balance of the body resulting in a metabolic imbalance. So how do you tell this to these little ones?  Well, I wouldn’t have had to explain if I had my Spoony with me. So I decided to Google it to see what is out there. There is a need, that I know. But nothing that I can buy directly. So as an engineer and designer I decided to tinker with the idea and see what I can come up with.

What We Need & What You Get

Let us break it down for folks in more detail: We have already invested time and funds to create the attached rendering. The team at created the first phase renders and they pretty much represent the final product.

  • We are looking to raise $30K in order to complete the development as well as fund the prototype and tooling stage.
  • In addition to the above, the initial funds will go towards creating the first-ever samples of Spoony that will be shipped out to you.
  • We believe it is a great project and just need your help in raising the funds so we can continue the success.

 Spoon that Cool down or Warm-up Your Food by SPOONY

The Impact

Equipped with a rechargeable battery the Cooling Fusion Spoony reduces the temperature of the food by 20°C (36°F). However, the Warming Fusion Spoony warms up the food by 20°C (36°F). If you would like both you can use the dual Spoony (warming/cooling) simultaneously.  So if you have a soup that needs to be cooled down, the Spoony is there for you. If you are the type that likes an Ice-cream that is not too frozen and love the sensation of eating the ice-cream with the just-right softness then Spoony is for you.

Risks & Challenges

The spoon is our first attempt for this great Fusion. We plan to jump to other cutlery as well. Join us on this journey… What lies ahead of us is finishing the development of the unit. Our goal is to get the tooling completed before Christmas so we can finish off the production before the end of the first quarter of 2020. That is the reason why we limited the timeline of this campaign.

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