REMAX RM-610D price in Bangladesh

Remax rm 610D Headphone

Flash Features:

  • Brand: Remax
  • Model: RM-610D
  • Interface: 3.5 mm (plated)
  • Cable Length: 120 cm
  • Weight: 32g
  • Material: Metal
  • Drive Unit: 6.0 mm
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Acuity: 95 + 3 dB
  • Distortion: ≤1%
  • Frequency Response: 20 HZ~20 kHz
  • Output Sensitivity: 90±3 dB
  • Rated Input Power: 100 mW

Before Purchasing 

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Why Choose Remax rm 610 D Headphone

The Bass

Very interesting detail but only going down in frequency to a point going in comparison to heavy bass IEMs. Playing 2016 Dark Sky Island by recording artist Enya at 16 bit-44.1 kHz FLAC became a rewarding affair and the best these IEMs ever sounded. All the bass response ever required or needed, even to be critical with the lower left-out notes. It was the nice head-stage with an airy placement of detail which was able to convey the mood and feeling of the recording. The reverberation used was not overemphasized like so many low-cost IEMs seem to reproduce.

Remax rm 610D Headphone

Noise Isolation

It is important that your earbuds have a good rubber seal. If the rubber seal is of super quality the noise isolation feature won’t work very well, and noise will find it is way into your ear. The rubber seal of my Remax earbuds covers the ear canal, yet doesn’t feel intrusive and uncomfortable like earplugs sometimes do. I have used them at airports and cafes, and they do a good job filtering out the noise. Voice can still be heard, which is the same as with more expensive noise-cancelling headphones. It works best for lower frequencies such as air conditioners, engines and refrigerators.

 Build Quality:

The cable ends up being a flat but less rubbery or heavy TPE and oxygen-free copper affair. I am not a big fan of large flat cables but will allow them if the sound quality and value really stand out. Still, this cable could start to win me over offering tangle-free operations and low noise harmonic transfer when out and about. Due the cable being smaller it actually is not heavy like some of the big flat TPE cables out there. We surprisingly find a number of aluminium construction elements starting with an aluminium plug, an aluminium splitter with the model number embossed, as well as a 50% aluminium housing. It turns out the slightly flat-toned but shinnies outer shell you see in the photographs is aluminium, and the rest of the shell material is plastic. I thought that the outer ring area was actually a very large vent and these were open back IEM. In reality, placing into your finger on the port does not affect the sound at all, leading me to think it’s an area of the design that just helps to your finger push the IEM into your ear.

Perfect While on the Move:

 Remax rm-610d is compact and incredibly lightweight and ready for your busy lifestyle, gym workout, or regular travel. The trifocals design permits Solos to fit into the included compact carrying case.

Control Talk:

The Ultimate in iPod Control and Hands-Free Calling With the built-in Control Talk remote on the Beats headset cable, you receive on-cable control of your music, in addition to easy, higher quality hands-free calling. You will enjoy quick-access music playback control, such as quantity, play/pause and monitoring, without needing to dig for your iPod. Additionally, the high tech mic and high-resolution, sound-isolating headphones all combine to allow you to hear and be heard much more clearly–and handily –than you ever could with the phone into your ear.

Enjoy all music:

Headphones that could replicate the true dynamics of the music were a rarity–before the legendary scene.  Remax rm-610d brings amazing sound in a smaller, lighter on-ear layout for you. With Beats Solo, you will hear every sonic detail that the musicians and recording engineers put down in the studio. Deep bass. Bold mid-range. All at a comfortable fit you can wear for hours.

Purchase Remax rm 610D Headphone 

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