Remax rm 502 Headphone Review

Remax rm 502 headphone review 

Remax RM-502 Crazy Robot Earphone has excellent sound quality with a comfortable fit with soft Ear caps with microphones. This earphone has 10mm driver diameter, 16 Ω±15% Impedance with 20Hz-20kHz frequency response. In this earphone, the cord length is 1.2meters, the plug is 3.5mm  and MIC is 42±3db. Remax RM-502 is compatible with Apple iPhone and Android.


Impedance 16 Ω±15%
Material ABS+TPE
Model RM 502
Frequency Response 20Hz–20kHz
Sensitivity(SPL) 91±3db
MIC 42±3db
Plug ¢3.5mm
Cord Length 1.2meters
Driver Diameter 10mm


Remax rm 502 Headphone Review

Remax rm 502 Headphone

Before Purchasing 

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Why Choose Remax rm 502 

1. Build Quality:

The cable ends up being a flat but less rubbery or heavy TPE and oxygen-free copper affair. I am not a big fan of large flat cables but will allow them if the sound quality and value really stand out. Still, this cable could start to win me over offering tangle-free operations and low noise harmonic transfer when out and about. Due the cable being smaller it actually is not heavy like some of the big flat TPE cables out there.

2. Perfect While on the Move:

 Remax rm-502 is compact and incredibly lightweight and ready for your busy lifestyle, gym workout, or regular travel. The trifocals design permits Solos to fit into the included compact carrying case.

Remax rm 502 Headphone Review

3. Control Talk:

The Ultimate in iPod Control and Hands-Free Calling With the built-in Control Talk remote on the Beats headset cable, you receive on-cable control of your music, in addition to easy, higher quality hands-free calling. You will enjoy quick-access music playback control, such as quantity, play/pause and monitoring, without needing to dig for your iPod. Additionally, the high tech mic and high-resolution, sound-isolating headphones all combine to allow you to hear and be heard much more clearly–and handily –than you ever could with the phone into your ear.

4. Enjoy all music:

Headphones that could replicate the true dynamics of the music were a rarity–before the legendary scene.  Remax rm-502 brings amazing sound in a smaller, lighter on-ear layout for you. With Beats Solo, you will hear every sonic detail that the musicians and recording engineers put down in the studio. Deep bass. Bold mid-range. All at a comfortable fit you can wear for hours.

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Click to Buy 

Price Range (240-320) 

The Conclusion 

Remax-rm-502 is one of the best products manufactured by Remax brands. It is easy to carry and use. Its ability to add extra bass to the multimedia. This headset was specially designed for the song lover people.It does not harm to the ear. Anyone can easily enjoy to his desire things through this headset. While traveling this headphone can be your best company for enjoying the journey. With all these features you will be surprised and happy for buying this product from us.



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