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Palf Fiber | Properties and Uses |

Palf Fiber | Properties and Uses | Pineapple Fiber | পাইনএ্যাপল লেদার (পিনাটেক্স)

Pineapple Leaf Fiber is also known as Palf Fiber. Despite having excellent physical and chemical properties;  PALF is the least-studied natural fiber, especially for reinforcing composites.

Is Palf Fiber a Bast Fiber?


Fibers that are obtained from the stem, bark, or leaf of certain vegetable plants are called bast fiber. As Pina Fiber is collected from the leaves of the pineapple plant; so, pina is also a bast fiber.

This fiber is commonly used in the Philippines. Sometimes this fiber is combined with silk and polyester to create textile fiber for more luster; strength, or fineness. This fiber is biodegradable so that the expectation of greening today’s world has come into use.

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Application and Uses of Palf Fiber

Few applications of pineapple leaf fibers are used widely some of the products produced from pineapple leaf fibers are as given below.

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Marine cordages are also manufactured from 100% pineapple leaf fiber from the strength point of view these marine ropes compare favorably with that produced using Sisal and it is better as compared to roped produced using coir.

Shoelaces and airbag tying cords were manufactured by converting pineapple leaf fiber yarn by nylon filament through braiding.

Furnishing cloths, Floor carpet, certain clothes, Bathroom mats, Bedspreads; car seat covers, Tarpaulins, Reinforced corrugated roofing sheets, and columns were also produced using 0.75% of pineapple leaf fibers with cement; sand, and water in appropriate proportions.

The additional pineapple leaf fibers with conventional building materials increase the transverse strength of the roofing sheet and direct the spilled tensile strength of the composite. In addition use of pineapple leaf fibers decreases the thermal conductivity of the roofing sheet and also increases the acid resistance of the sheet.



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