Ode to “Mother”- Poem
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Ode to “Mother”- Poem

Ode to “Mother”- Poem | Leartex-The Textile Magazine|

Ode to “Mother”

  • Avijit Chakrabarty Pritam.

It’s an Ode to my mother,

it’s an Ode from her son;

Ode to Poetry.

My mother, is it well enough!

Authorizing a poem, either Ode,

authorizing abundance of Poetry or, Odes.

In exchange of given birth;

either given soul!

Of your son,

Poetry is whose soul,

it’s an Ode;

of whose soul,

of whose Poetry.

Neither Poetry, nor Literature,

nor any Poet,

nor even any litterateur;

is able, is eligible;

to fill up which;

the loan of given birth;

the loan of mother.

Rather, never supposed to forget;

the loan of her and given birth,

the sacrifice of her, in life,

the significance of her, in life,

in both Poetry and Literature.

Poetry is the blessings of Literature,

both Poet and Litterateur is made,

by the blessings of mother.

How can any Poet forget?

Her significance in life,

along with her pain;

carrying the poet,

ten months and ten days,

in her womb.

Given him birth,

abled him seeing the light of earth.

That’s why he was able,

which made him able,

to enlighten poetry, even Ode,

and along her.

That’s how Poetry the genre,

enlightened in Literature,

Poetry the genre,

illuminated by Poet.

Ables Poetry getting Poets,

abled Literature getting Litterateurs and Poets.

It’s an Ode from my life,

to my mother;

who had given me birth,

it’s an Ode from me,

on behalf of the Poets and the society of Poets.

Ode to “Mother” of all Poets,

for giving them birth,

for giving Poetry’s birth.

You, given the birth,

they, given the birth,

of Poems;

of Poetry.

Became the enlightened Litterateur and Poet,

made the Literature and Poetry illuminated,

By Litterateur and Poet.

The given birth was the birth of Poet,

and every Poet, as a Poet;

made the Poetry illuminated.

It’s a little gift to my mother,

a little gift as an Ode; to an Ode.

But the gift deserved my mother,

deserved all of the Poet’s mother,

deserved the Poetry; deserved the Ode.


Name: Avijit Chakrabarty Pritam

 Notre Dame University Bangladesh.

Dept. of English Literature.

Member of “ARE Writers Community

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